Cam Newton’s neck feeling the effects of Monday night hit

Getty Images

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton took a few hits during Monday night’s win over the Jets, including a shot from safety Ashtyn Davis that drew a penalty for roughing the passer.

While replays showed Davis avoided a helmet-to-helmet hit, he came in high enough to draw the attention of officials. During an appearance on WEEI on Tuesday morning, Newton said his neck is still feeling the aftereffects of the shot that he took.

“My neck is only working at a degree angle that shuts off the degrees to one side,” Newton said. “My eye muscles are getting a lot of work in today. . . . I told the guys on the sideline, ‘That’s my fault and I deserved it.'”

Newton was well enough to remain in the game and ran for the game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, but it sounds like the effects of the hit will be lingering for a bit.