Dolphins will try to “fight through things” with Preston Williams’ foot sprain

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Dolphins wide receiver Preston Williams had a productive opening 20 minutes during Sunday’s win over the Cardinals, but he wasn’t around to build on it in the second half.

Williams caught four passes for 60 yards, including a nine-yard touchdown with just over 10 minutes to play in the second quarter. That turned out to be his final play as he limped off with a foot injury and returned to the locker room.

A foot sprain was diagnosed and head coach Brian Flores said on Monday that there has not been a timeline set for his return at this point.

“We’ll evaluate it day to day,” Flores said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “He’s a tough kid. We’ll try to fight through things and see how that goes.”

A Cardinals defender grabbed Williams’ foot as he leaped into the end zone, but there was some thought that he was hurt during the celebration when defensive tackle Christian Wilkins jumped on him. Flores said it looked “like it was during the play” and the team will have to wait to see if Williams will be available either way.

6 responses to “Dolphins will try to “fight through things” with Preston Williams’ foot sprain

  1. The defender twisted and rolled while holdings his foot. Happens all the time in the game and it should be a penalty.
    There is no place for that in the game. Taking a man’s livelihood away like that is wrong and cheap.

  2. You could see on that play that the defender grabbed and rolled his leg as they hit the ground like an alligator roll as he is biting his prey, that was totally bush-league and should have been a personal foul. Especially since they are calling all of these suspect roughing the passer fouls. They truly need to make all those calls reviewable

  3. In this game the refs were calling PI if the defender coughed or sneezed on the WR. There were at least two highly questionable calls against Xavian Howard, the one where he turned around and was falling but in position to catch the ball which resulted in incidental contact. The defender has as much right to the ball as the receiver, Howard had position on the ball closest to it, he touched it first and they still flagged him. That was ridiculous. But yet we get this flagrant attempt to injure a player regarding P Williams foot and the refs look the other way. NFL officiating has dropped to the High School level.

  4. However, Wilkins does need to stop jumping on players backs like that. He is a big man and although I like the enthusiasm, he needs to tame it down with jumping on these small players. He almost flattened our poor little kicker twice.

  5. Nope, he was subdued in his victory strut and winced a bit just before Wilkins jumped on him.

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