Donations in memory of Josh Allen’s grandmother exceed $200,000


Bills Mafia, along with other football fans, continue to show incredible support for Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Donations to Oishei Children’s Hospital in memory of Josh Allen’s grandmother, Patricia Allen, have exceeded $200,000.

Patricia Allen, 80, died unexpectedly on Saturday. Josh decided to play, and he played incredibly well.

“When he came in off the field and into the locker room, he kind of fell into my arms a little bit,” offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said Monday. “A lot of emotion there, particularly for him, but for me also.

“When you love somebody and something happens like that, it’s tough. And to see it happen to somebody that you really care about as a player, that’s tough. But that’s why his teammates love him, too. All-day competitive. All-day tough. They’d do anything for him.”

Bills fans and others are doing plenty for Josh Allen by making donations, typically in $17 increments, to the hospital.

“He’s real,” Daboll said of Josh Allen. “He doesn’t try to pretend to be something that he’s not. He has a way of connecting to people from really all over. And he lays it on the line. He’s a good listener. He’s demanding of himself. . . . This dude is Buffalo. He’s got a chip on his shoulder. . . .

“I know he’s from out there in California. You just pick him up and put him right here, put him in West Seneca, South Buffalo, the Northtowns, wherever you want to be, he’ll fit right in. That’s him. He’s just a genuine, genuine person. And I know he appreciates a great deal the support that he gets from this community, this fanbase, Bills Mafia. I know he’s very thankful for that. And we’re thankful for him.”

If you’d like to join the many who have donated $17, or any amount, click here. Together, football fans can easily get the number to $1 million.

9 responses to “Donations in memory of Josh Allen’s grandmother exceed $200,000

  1. A nice story and a good kid and its great people have shown their support. We could use more of this in the world today.

  2. “He’s real,” Daboll said of Josh Allen.

    Big Respect… that’s all I want from people… be real.

  3. A really cool thing to see football fans in general, not just Bills fans, make charitable donations in support of a player.

  4. How can so many people down vote any of these comments… Thankful for you #17 , our team, and our fan base. Keep up the good work on the field, we got your back off it!

  5. blackholeson says:
    November 10, 2020 at 11:08 am
    I just donated, what a great cause. Much love from the Raider Nation!
    Thanks for the generosity! Sending respect & appreciation back your way.

  6. Donations now exceeding 310K. Thank you to all. Buffalo Childrens Hospital is an awesome facility. God bless.

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