Jerry Jones: Crazy to think we’d draft a quarterback in first round

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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said on Monday that the team has not wavered on its belief that Dak Prescott is “our quarterback” in the wake of his season-ending ankle injury.

With Prescott on a franchise tag and set for unrestricted free agency at the same time that the Cowboys are on track for a high pick in the first round, the question will continue to pop up. Jerry Jones got it during a Tuesday appearance on 105.3 The Fan.

The Cowboys are currently No. 3 in the draft order and it’s not unthinkable that they’d wind up in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. Jones was asked if it is crazy to think the Cowboys would pick a quarterback in that scenario.

“Yes, you ask me if it’s crazy to bring the idea up? And I’ve answered it, yes,” Jones said. “It’s not the thing to be talking about at all. Dak is our quarterback.”

If the Cowboys do wind up with such a high pick and re-sign Prescott, the pick could be dealt for a package of selections that allow the team to address several areas of need. There are plenty of other possibilities, of course, and the Cowboys will have plenty of decisions to make once this season comes to an end.

60 responses to “Jerry Jones: Crazy to think we’d draft a quarterback in first round

  1. There’s what you say publicly and what you say privately. If you can’t get a contract at a much cheaper rate that what he was asking, you move on. He was never worth that much in first place, especially now with injury. But you keep your cards close to your vest, so you have options. Let things play out and see where cards end up.

  2. It is tragic how some fans view these players. QBs are really difficult to find and even number 1 overall picks do not always pan out. Cowboys hit the jackpot in the 4th round of the draft, I can’t wait for Dak to get back healthy and resume his impressive career with the Cowboys.

  3. In all honesty, why is the media so in love with Dak? We get it, he’s a “nice” guy. But please don’t let it ooze so much. At the end of the day, in his 5 years, he’ll only have ((1)) playoff win. Similar ratio to Romo’s 2 wins in 10 years. Yet, the media killed Tony each and every day while Dak gets plenty of passes. Remember Philly last year. Jerry is saying one thing today but I imagine it’s only because they don’t have the overall 1st pick. If they did, no way Jerry is passing on Lawrence. No way. Let’s see what Andy can do while potentially saving a ton of money to rebuild the defense. Geez I imagine the team can go 6-1 down the stretch with him so they probably won’t have it. Not saying he is going to make a super bowl run but it’s possible this team has turned a corner with the defense…

  4. “Jerry Jones: Crazy to think we’d draft a quarterback in first round”

    That funny. “Crazy” is the first word that comes to mind when I think Jerry Jones!

  5. What did they expect him to say? There is still half a season left so no team can, or would say what they are thinking about in the draft. Dumb question.

  6. So, Jones would rather pay a decent QB $40 million per year and cripple the team for another 5 years under the cap rather than getting a very good rookie QB under a cap friendly deal. The Cowboys have a lot of holes and their window has closed. Dak, as good of a guy he is, led a talented team in a weak division to an 8-8 record, he had no success vs. winning teams, and needs players around him to be good (like many QBs). The Cowboys should have offered the non-exclusive franchise tag to Dak, so they could get a sense of the true market value and get comp picks if he left. They should do it this year, if possible. No need to pay the big money for a mediocre record.

  7. Dak will likely be the QB for the Cowboys in 2021, but he would be crazy to sign anything other than the $37 million franchise tender. He’s already made it this far. Force them to pay you top dollar in 2021 and then hit the open market in 2022 when the salary cap returns to normal.

  8. If you were smart, you would of had a half way decent team all these years instead of being the back end of jokes.

  9. Since the Cowboys are most likely going to pick just outside of the top two, that’s the smart thing to say for optics and team chemistry

  10. Jerry is in the catbird seat negotiation-wise. Today was just a signal.
    1. Dak, you’ve been injured and everyone will want a discount somewhere else.
    2. Dak, you don’t take a discount with me, we’ll go with a 1st round pick at QB.

    Great spot to be for Jerry
    And I’m an Eagles fan!

  11. If you can get Lawrence or Fields it isn’t crazy at all. Any team would be crazy to let them pass. If you don’t draft them you trade them. If you don’t get the trade you want to sit on them until you do. NEVER and I mean NEVER pass on a QB likes these 2. Take the value and worry about it later.

  12. No crazier than to think the Packers would draft a QB in the first round this year. And I doubt anybody would say the Cowboys are a better-run team than the Packers.

  13. Can’t possibly afford the tag for him next year so LT deal or goodbye. But a lot of teams with high priced QBs in big trouble next year with dropping cap. And teams like Houston (that aren’t remotely competitive) are in the worst spot of all. You would think the Cowboys losing 2-3 OL starters get a big boost just from those guys being healthy next year, assuming they are. What they really need is a D, so multiple picks is probably a good route for them (They need a LOT of help).

  14. mogogo1 says:
    November 10, 2020 at 11:41 am
    If he were your QB you’d have signed him pre-injury.


    You see, it was a negotiation between two parties. Talks happened. Jerry didn’t just let him sit there. There was active dialogue between both parties and both parties said no, not just one side.

    Then again, with your logic, if Mahomes wanted $250m for one year, the Chiefs should sign him for that… Ugh…

  15. Until The Cowboys get a “REAL” GM the Jones’ will keep overpaying for their own free agents and only looking good in the draft when they get lucky. This current Cowboy team showed me what is made of when they let their starting QB (Andy Dalton) get pummeled by a cheap shot and just stood around like a bunch of cowards and did nothing about it. So much for I got your back.

  16. The best guess/estimate is that the cap will shrink ~20mil next year. But what about the next beyond that. Does the league think that revenues will bounce back or will the time of consistently rising salary cap come to an end for an extended period of years? Teams that made contract/personnell decisions based on an ever expanding cap number will be in serious trouble. Kicking the can down the road,which is the Cowboy modus operandi, can come back to bite them.

  17. A first round quarterback would give the Cowboys a 5-year window to take a run at a SuperBowl. A young QB would be coming into a very favorable offensive system loaded at the skill positions and with his cap number remaining low for those first 5-years would allow Dallas to throw crazy money at it’s porous defense. The smart move here would be to draft one of the young QBs coming out.

  18. I have a long memory. Look out when Jerry is in his War Room on draft day! 1. Passing over Randy Moss. 2. Passing over Steven Jackson. 3. Passing on Andre Levitre and then trading the pick for a load of coal. 4. Passing on T. J. Watt and taking the Taco.

  19. How much of the rest of the team do they have to cut if the move on from Dak though? it was clear when Dalton was playing the team had no interest in putting in any effort or really caring at all, I can only assume because it’d make Dak look bad if they won with Dalton.

  20. If Lawrence is attainable no way Jersey passes. Justin Fields is not a 1st round QB nor is he better than Dalton or Dak so no, in that case you take a pass.

  21. What is really crazy is the Cowboys have not been in a conference championship game since January, 1996 – 24 years ago – and Jerry thinks he should remain running this organization. With this performance, what other NFL team would hire the Jones family to run their team?

  22. It wasn’t crazy for Jerry to draft a WR in the 1st round after just signing Cooper to a 5 year $100 million contract. WR wasn’t even their top draft need, nor their second need.

  23. The way Gilbert played on Sunday, as a fourth string backup coming off the bench, was impressive. Even though he lost the game, it wasn’t for lack of trying. He is the quarterback of the future.

    Prescott should have taken the deal the Cowboys offered him. Then he would be secure. Now, coming off a potentially career ending injury, he is not.

    Prescott is not the future. Gilbert is.

  24. Has to be considered. Even with the injury, Dak might be out of their price range. Spend some of that money on an O-Line and some linebackers that can stay healthy.

  25. it’s also crazy to think an owner and GM would go on his radio show for over a year and brag about the long term deal they were gonna get for Dak that never materialized.

  26. I wish I were a crazy billionaire hillbilly with an NFL franchise! Seriously. That would be some awesome fun.

  27. Says the guy who wanted to draft Johnny Manziel. If Dak was his quarterback,he would have been signed.If Cam Newton doesn’t work out,which I doubt he will,I think Belichick takes a look at him.

  28. Mark this post and this day. The draft order will be a lot different then the assumption at this time. Dallas still must lose a bunch of games to bad teams to end up 1,2,3 in any regard

  29. Translation:it’s not crazy at all.

    No disrespect to Prescott, I’ve talked all kinds of stuff about him but I’ve been proven wrong, dude can play. I still don’t think he’s upper echelon, put him on the eagles & I think they’re about where they’re at now this year & far worse in years past but give him weapons & hes more than capable. With that being said, he’s coming off a major injury, he seems like a guy with the drive to not let that affect him mentally but there’s no telling what it does physically. Maybe more importantly, he’s going to eat up a massive chunk of the salary cap, do the Cowboys really want to do that with the holes they have? If one of these QBs are legit & you can get one on a rookie deal for 5 years, isn’t that tempting? It’s high risk/high reward, will be interesting to see what happens. Personally, I hope they do that because I want to root for Dak but as an eagles fan, that ain’t happening if he has that douchey star on his helmet. Either way, wishing him a full recovery, may hate the team & the players but AS PLAYERS, not as people.

  30. Its even crazier to draft a wr in the 1st round when you already have 2 good ones and the defense is obviously the weak link on your team.

  31. Dak gets half his yards when dem boys are down 2 scores. Wilson did it this past weekend against the Bills. But since the Seahawks almost never get blown out, it’s forgiven that Russell got over 130 of his yards after the game was over in the 4th quarter.

  32. Id like to see what Garret Gilbert is about. He didn’t look all that bad against that Steelers defense. I know its one game but the kid did show signs of a leader on the field. Give the kid a chance what do you have to lose.

  33. No one cares about Dallas anymore – they’re 10 years from competing for the SP. Talent not there, Zeke there -but NFL not a running game, Dak there, but a middle-of-the road-QB. I just don’t see it relative to N.O., T.B., Seattle, AZ – just don’t see it. Dallas needs to prove it over the next 3 weeks. Otherwise – as I expect – a middle of the road draft pick with the same issues that faced the team 10 months ago…

  34. Dak Prescott? We’re very high on Dak Prescott. We think he’s got a bright future in this league and on our football team.

  35. Hate to pound on cowboys when they are down but they are being run by Jones morons. They assembled a video game offense and neglected D. So, even before Dak got hurt the D was giving up major yards and points. It’s a miracle they won against Falcons. This is a terrible team. Now Dak is injured and that OL is in shambles, Elliott is declining. But hey, they got a shiny toy in Lamb, when they could have drafted a stud DL.

    Then they were able to attract no one to coach and got McCarthy, who could only one SB with Rodgers and was lazy and never innovated. It’s called a shiny object syndrome.

  36. If I were wealthy I would hire the Jones family to run my oil business.

    I would never hire them to run my football team.

  37. I think someone was right about them Jonses who own the Cowboys! It is the Highland Park Hillbilies and not the Beverly Hills Hillbillies.

  38. What’s crazier – drafting a QB in the first round when your defense is swiss cheese or keeping a QB coming off a major injury and paying him north of 35 million a year?

  39. cpa2lawyer says:
    November 10, 2020 at 12:03 pm
    In all honesty, why is the media so in love with Dak? We get it, he’s a “nice” guy. But please don’t let it ooze so much.


    Simple. They hate Dallas & want the Cowboys to be miserable..!! Everybody who follows football can see Dak is a decent QB but, not an elite 40 mil/yr QB. If they can pressure Jerry into paying him a ridiculous contract like that, they only guarantee Dallas sucks for another 4-5 yrs while going back to SalaryCapHell.

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