Lions defense “can’t get worse” than last two weeks

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Vikings running back Dalvin Cook has shown that he doesn’t need any help from the defense in order to make big plays, but the Lions gave him some anyway in Week 9.

Cook broke free for a 70-yard touchdown run on a play that saw the Lions line up with 10 men on their defense. They were missing their right defensive end and that’s just where Cook ran for the score.

The Lions had 10 defenders on the field twice in their Week 8 loss to the Colts and defensive coordinator Cory Undlin called it “bad coaching” to allow that to happen. Safety Duron Harmon said are “unacceptable” mistake and that “the whole building is frustrated” by the play of the defense.

“The last two performances, you can’t get worse than that,” Harmon said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “We had a good stretch, two games when we were playing good defense and we had pretty good run defense vs. the Colts, but this league is about consistency. Not doing it for two games, not doing it for three games, but doing it consistently well throughout the entire year. It’s my job to push that, I’m going to push that and we’re going to do everything we can to put a better effort out there and a better display next week.”

The Lions rank near the bottom of the league in points scored and are one of the league’s weakest teams against the run, which may not bode well for the future of their head coach. Matt Patricia was hired after being the defensive coordinator in New England and the unit has not been a bright spot during his time in Detroit. They’ll try to reverse that trend against Washington in Week 10.

13 responses to “Lions defense “can’t get worse” than last two weeks

  1. You can fire Patricia. You can fire Quinn. You can replace Stafford. Nothing is going to change until you get rid of those loser incompetent FORDS! It has been 60 YEARS! We have seen teams rise and fall, only to rebuild and rise again. WE have seen team after team find the coach, the QB or the GM they needed. Only one NFL team has been the NFL’s laughing stock for 60 years, and there is only ONE common factor, the FORDS. They are complacent, incompetent and inept. They have no clue how to run an organization and if it wasn’t for the army of Engineers and Designers between them and their Vehicles, those would be a disaster also. Please let it END already, I’d rather see them move to another State then have another 60 years of this pathetic joke of a franchise haunt the NFL Fans in Michigan one more day.

  2. The Lion defense “can’t get worse”? Man, have you been watching the Lions for the last 50 years? I have, and I can assure you that they are very, very capable of being worse.
    Then the players will get embarrassed and realize that their next contract will be small, so they will take matters in their own hands and win a couple of games. Well, 2008 notwithstanding.
    This is a coaching and GM problem. The team will have to start over as many players are specific to Patricia’s unusual defense. And Tua sure looks good in Miami, doesn’t he?

  3. The clown show in Detroit keeps getting more entertaining.

    Did you hear that Patricia is a rocket scientist? Apparently he’s one that can’t count to 11 (men on the field).

  4. News flash….. this is what this team is under Patricia. It’s not getting better. Time to move on.

  5. As a Bostonian, this is where I felt Bobby Quinn screwed up. Patricia was not a GREAT coordinator with us. He helped no doubt, but he is in over his head.

    Giving former patriots defenders money like candy is inexcusable. Trey Flowers, Collins, Shelton.

    2018 was a big super bowl year for us. But if it’s true that the lions offered the #3 pick for gronk I would’ve fired Quinn on the spot

  6. “Lions defense “can’t get worse” than last two weeks”

    Matt Patricia: “Challenge Accepted.”

  7. Out of the Belichick coaching tree, I think Miami got the good one in Flores while Detroit got the rotten apple in Patricia.

  8. Could the Patricia era have went any worse? They ran the old coach who had a winning record out of town because he was supposedly underperforming only to see Patricia go 12-26-1 and make them one of the worst teams in the entire league.

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