Matt Nagy: Bears will look at everything, including my play calling

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With the Bears on a three-game losing streak, head coach Matt Nagy is acknowledging that it might be time for him to give up play calling.

Nagy acknowledged that he might not be the one calling the plays when the Bears take the field on Monday night against the Vikings.

“Where we’re at right now as an offense, struggling the way we are, you have to be willing to look at everything, including myself,” Nagy said. “So we’ll see where that goes. We play Monday, we will make the best decision possible here. I think that’s part of some of the decisions we look at, for sure.”

Nagy sounded a little testy when reporters asked him when he’ll make his decision about whether to keep calling plays.

“I don’t know and in all honesty, and with all due respect, if anything was to happen I’m not sure that you guys would know,” Nagy said.

The Bears’ offense has been even worse with Nick Foles as the starting quarterback than it was with Mitchell Trubisky, although Trubisky is currently injured and wouldn’t be able to get the job back even if Nagy wanted to give it to him. So while a quarterback change isn’t coming, a play calling change may be.

13 responses to “Matt Nagy: Bears will look at everything, including my play calling

  1. He doesn’t have much to lose by giving up play calling, but I don’t see him doing it. He thinks his system is great, even though the Bears’ offense has stuck the entire time he’s been in Chicago. He has no idea how to highlight his players’ strengths or how to hide their weaknesses. It’s almost worse that he has no sense of rhythm, and he never seems to know when to press a matchup advantage – that’s exactly when he’ll call a timeout and give the opponent a free chance to substitute.

    If he gives up play-calling duties, and the Bears rebound, people are going to compliment him on his humility. He can learn from it and reconsider the issue another year (e.g. like Sean Payton). If the Bears continue to stink, we’ll just blame it on the Bears’ lack of talent.

    Either way, it’s time for Pace to go somewhere else.

  2. He might as well give up play calling. Its probably the only thing that could save his job at this point.

  3. he loves to clutch his laminated placard and sharpie and cover up his mouth like some secret agent while calling plays. what will he do now? look like an actual coach maybe?

  4. It’s time to stop talking about this team, they have blown the chance to have a successful season because of a variety of self inflicted wounds. They chose to have a mobile QB and not adapt the offense around his strengths, then they move to an overhyped backup and choose not to adapt the offense to his strengths. Now they are wasting a NFL championship defense while they offensively insert their heads between their legs. Stop wasting energy talking about them, the season is effectively over.

  5. Unless Lazor pulls a rabbit out of his hat, this season is toast. 2nd oldest team in the league, record too good to nab a QB in the draft, large contracts going to saddle us for awhile, 2 picks gone per Pace (Gipson/Pinero), not playing to the strengths of our team.

    It’s time to burn it down and rebuild. It seems like the locker room is still together, perhaps Nagy is doing a great job as a coach. Play calling and player development don’t seem to be a strong suit.

  6. I’ve been a Viking fan long enough to know Foles could have 350 yds and 4 TDs on Monday. The game comes down to how they control Dalvin.

  7. Nagy sounds like Adam Gase. Offensive “guru” who had early success and rides that for years of ineffectiveness…

  8. Frazier28/7 says:

    November 10, 2020 at 11:51 am

    I’ve been a Viking fan long enough to know Foles could have 350 yds and 4 TDs on Monday. The game comes down to how they control Dalvin.

    The problem is he could also have 200 yards and 4 INTS. He is inconsistently inconsistent.

  9. The Vikings never win in CHI. I fear that the very good Bears D will stop the Vikings run game and harass Cousins on pass plays, while Foles is able to trick the young CBs on play action. As a Bears fan, I would fear that a win against the Vikes gives Bears ownership unfounded confidence in its coach and GM.

  10. This team got a lot of close lucky wins early in the year. Like many said, Foles would struggle behind a weak Oline like in Jax. Oline is probably one of the highest predictors of whether your team will be successful outside of QB.

  11. There defense is so good all they really needed on offense is to look competent and Nagy hasn’t even been able to manage that.

    You can trace all this back to that playoff loss two seasons ago when their offense couldn’t get it done, their D kept them in the game and they lost to Philly due to that blocked kick. Any objective person would have looked at that outcome and made wholesale changes to the offense right then but Nagy scapegoated the kicker and kept everything else on cruise control like they were a legitimate contender. Then they slumped to 8-8 and the QB became the scapegoat so they got Foles who is now the latest scapegoat.

  12. Within the Pace/Nagy era most long term fans just want them to get worse so those 2 are gone. No guarantee of future success either but the team is not fun to watch on offense (and I assume not fun to play for) and a shame given how good the D has been. The Trubisky/Foles matter has been the NFL equivalent of the Titanic.

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