NFL, NFLPA: 56 positive COVID tests in first week of November

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The NFL and NFL Players Association have released the latest round of COVID-19 testing numbers.

Over a period from November 1-7, 42,978 tests were administered to 7,922 players and other team personnel. There were 56 positive tests in that period.

Fifteen of the positive tests came from players while the other 41 were from other team personnel. Some of the positive tests by players led to teammates being held out of practices and/or games as high-risk close contacts. The same will be true this week as the Steelers have already put four players on the reserve/COVID-19 list in the wake of tight end Vance McDonald‘s positive test from Sunday.

There have now been 78 players and 140 other personnel with confirmed positive cases since the start of August. There have been approximately 600,000 tests administered over that time.

5 responses to “NFL, NFLPA: 56 positive COVID tests in first week of November

  1. So, this is a bad thing going into the coldet weather. The NFL acts like 1 positive on half the league’s teams is a good thing.

    It shows they don’t get the virus like the imbecile who just lost the election.

  2. Only going to get worse the colder it gets and eventually a player is going to spread it to their family.

  3. I am continuously amazed in regards to all of the negative comments in regards to Covid and the NFL…for all the numbers I have seen to date, I would say they are doing one heck of a job! Its been 9 weeks people…9 games, come on and that does not include the month or so before the season started. Hats off NFL!!!!!!! Keep it up…your doing something right!

  4. While this is a spike, it’s also a very very low infection rate. It’s hard to make an argument that the protocols are failing. With rates rising everywhere else, we should expect to see more NFL cases and probably some community spread within a team.

  5. The snowball is picking up steam and growing exponentially. Time to move to the bubble or look ahead to 2021.

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