Doug Pederson unfazed by Brett Favre’s belief that the Eagles kept the wrong quarterback


Doug Pederson once served as Brett Favre’s backup. Favre currently doesn’t have Pederson’s back.

Appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Favre said that Pederson’s Eagles should have kept quarterback Nick Foles instead of Carson Wentz following the 2018 season.

I think [Wentz] is very capable,” Favre said, via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal. “I think we’re all in agreement that he has the tools. I actually thought they should have kept Nick Foles rather than Carson Wentz, just based off of production and where they got to.

“You know, they won a Super Bowl with Foles. They’re obviously banking on [Wentz’s] upside, but how many more years do you let him linger before you stick with him or cut bait?”

Pederson was asked about Favre’s comments by reporters on Wednesday.

“I respect Brett’s opinion,” Pederson said, via Frank. “We are friends. I haven’t talked to him, and he’s entitled to that, and that’s about it.” Pressed on the situation, Pederson eventually said, “Carson’s our guy.”

“Carson was our draft pick,” Pederson said of the man taken second overall in 2016, after the Eagles traded up. “Carson’s the guy who’s going to carry us and lead this football team. Listen, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Those aren’t my words. Those aren’t [G.M. Howie Roseman’s] words, [owner Jeffrey Lurie’s] words. Those are [Favre’s] words. I respect that opinion. Whatever he wants to say, that’s fine. We’re going to remain friends. That doesn’t bother me one way or the other.”

The Eagles have both doubled- and tripled-down on Wentz, beyond making the move up to get him more than four years ago. After 2018, the Eagles let Foles leave via free agency, renewing the vows with Wentz. Then, the Eagles gave Wentz a new contract, paying him north of $30 million per year in new money.

In hindsight, should they have kept Foles? Arguably, yes. But they didn’t. Thus, they gain nothing by admitting that now.

As a practical matter, Wentz’s contract ties him to the Eagles through 2021. At that point, the question becomes whether they keep him, or whether they move on. Based on how he has played this year, moving on becomes a real possibility, unless things change.

20 responses to “Doug Pederson unfazed by Brett Favre’s belief that the Eagles kept the wrong quarterback

  1. I’ve always said Carson Wentz is the next starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings. The real question after should be, when does Jalen begin to lead the team?

  2. Brett needs to learn that every question a reporter asks, you don’t have to answer. And outlets like this one need to learn that everything Brett Favre says is not the gospel.

  3. Brett Favre is a nut job. I don’t put any stock into anything he says about football. He doesn’t put in enough time to have an opinion on what the Eagles should do.

  4. Wentz can play, just has nothing around him at the moment. Pederson knows better than anyone that Favre’s comments are to be taken with a grain of salt.

  5. Favre “lingered” in Green Bay for close to twenty years with only one title to show for it.

  6. realnuancedgoose says:
    November 11, 2020 at 2:47 pm
    Frank Reich is the one the Eagles should’ve kept.


    Eagles won with foles in 2018 without Reich so no

  7. Foles may or may not be better than Wentz, but that doesn’t make either of them great. Its like arguing over whether you should have rented a Dodge Stratus or Ford Taurus while on vacation.

  8. Everybody is so focused on Wentz/Foles but Pederson is the real issue. His luster wore off really fast after that Super Bowl and now they’re possibly the most inconsistent team in the league week-to-week. Seldom do they play a complete game and if they looked good at something last week you can almost bet that facet will look terrible the next week.

  9. It’s outrageous that Foles’ lackluster performance outside of Philadelphia is almost never mentioned in these Wentz vs. Foles articles. Very convenient. 🙄

  10. charliecharger says:

    November 11, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    Brett Favre is a nut job. I don’t put any stock into anything he says about football. He doesn’t put in enough time to have an opinion on what the Eagles should do.

    I dont agree with his opinion but I’ll still take Favres opinion over yours. After all he not only played the game but also coached and wasnt the nutjob who called David Fales a franchise qb

  11. No issue with favres comment…pretty much all media outlets said eagles should go with wentz now these clowns are bashing him…I wanted the eagles to keep foles but had no issue rolling with wentz it was a tough call…I still have a feeling wentz is going to turn it around…bye came at a good time, I still feel like that number of good throws are increasing and the number of bad ones are getting less..really I’m all about the the trenches we start winning there everyone will look better, here’s hoping to a healthy o-line that dominates 🙂

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