Josh Allen is the AFC offensive player of the week

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s outstanding performance in Week 9 after the death of his grandmother has led Bills fans to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to a local hospital in her memory.

It has also resulted in Allen being named the AFC offensive player of the week.

Allen completed 31-of-38 passes for 415 yards and three touchdowns while also running for a score in the 44-34 win over the Seahawks. Allen avoided a turnover for the first time since Week Four in the contest and tied his career high for passing yards.

He set that record in Week Two of this season and he was also named the AFC offensive player of the week in recognition of that outing. He’s nabbed those honors four times overall in his career.

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  1. The total is over $290,000 for the childrens hospital as of last night!! Great job Bill’s Mafia and everyone all over the country who helped out, special thanks to Mike Florio for his help in getting the message out!

  2. Tough to gauge anything against the Seahawks defense. However, they are the model when it comes to social distancing, often times going above & beyond the six foot rule. Kudos to them. JA17 did play for the first time since week 5 w/out a brace that stabilized his separated shoulder. There is little doubt it messed w/ Simms’ man crush mechanics It will be fun watching Allen & Murray lighting up the scoreboard this weekend. LFG

  3. Pencil in Jared Goff for the award for this coming week’s games, as he’s facing that same Seahawks’ secondary.

  4. Josh Allen’s first four games were played in good weather while fully healthy. His next four were either against two of the the top five teams in the league with a bad non-throwing shoulder (Titans and Chiefs) or played in drizzle and/or wind gust conditions. Josh Allen didn’t light it up in the rain/wind, understandably, but both those games were won with Josh as the QB1. The Bills’ only two losses are against the Chiefs and Titans. Many were expecting the Bills to fold against another offensive powerhouse team in the Seahawks, but they didn’t. They were clearly more prepared against a formidable opponent than for any team in the season yet. Reports of Josh Allen’s demise, yada yada. Critics saying Josh Allen is an up-and-down quarterback are only looking at the numbers with no context and not the game tape and circumstances. While it’s frustrating to think these talking heads are being paid so well to essentially not do their jobs, it is humorous. Most importantly, RIP grandma Allen, much pride in the 716, much respect to anyone who donated for an incredibly noble cause, and thank you Mike for spreading the word

  5. It took a LONG time, but the Bills have found their franchise QB. I’m looking forward to watching Allen light it up for the next decade+. He’s the real deal.

    It’s interesting to think that if the Jets get Trevor next year, the Patriots would actually have the worst QB situation in the AFC East.

  6. Allen’s growth year over year has been pretty spectacular. Good on the Bills for drafting and turning that raw talent into something when many, including myself, had written him off.

  7. It is an easy honor since he played against the worst defense (the Sea Dorks) in the league.

  8. Enjoy watching Allen play. If the Bills management can continue putting good players around Allen, this team will be fun to watch for a long time.

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