Lamar Jackson claims defenses are calling out Ravens’ plays

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The Ravens rank only 23rd in total offense, including 31st in passing, and Lamar Jackson does not look like the same quarterback who won the MVP award last season. He has 12 touchdowns, four interceptions and a 95.1 passer rating, while running for 469 yards and three touchdowns on 79 carries.

The quarterback said Wednesday on the Rich Eisen Show that the Ravens are too predictable.

“They’re calling out our plays, stuff like that,” Jackson told Eisen, via ESPN. “They know what we’re doing. Sometimes, stuff won’t go our way, if they’re beating us to the punch.”

Yes, Jackson confirmed, other teams are calling out the Ravens’ plays.

“Yeah, they definitely do,” Jackson said. “Like ‘run’ and stuff like that. ‘Watch out for this; watch out for that.’ Sometimes that’s what’s going on.”

The Ravens finished last season ranked first in points scored at 31.4 per game and second in total yards at 407.6 per game. They are averaging 24.8 points and 347 yards this season.

The Ravens are 6-2 at the halfway mark and headed toward the postseason. But unless they find their way on offense, they don’t look like the contender many expected them to be.

“We had our ups that first week and then we had our downs,” said Jackson, whose 1,513 passing yards ranks 27th in the NFL. “Usually we’re a high level offense. But it’s been all right. It’s not where we want to be. We’re still winning. So, it’s all right, I guess.”

19 responses to “Lamar Jackson claims defenses are calling out Ravens’ plays

  1. Well, i would check with the IQ of the QB and make sure he can run more than 8 plays out of the playbook.

  2. “Yeah, they definitely do,” Jackson said. “Like ‘run’ and stuff like that.


    That’s what happens when you sometimes fail to throw for more than a 100 yards a game.

  3. Well…..we all knew this was coming. It look an awful lot like a quasi high school offense, mixed with some classic ’70’s college offenses…think wishbone, Army/Navy, Nebraska type stuff. It was never going to last.

  4. Worst MVP pick ever. The running back at QB gimmick offense, after one season of tape, only works against poor defenses.

  5. Same quarterback who can’t throw, led the league in complete end zone pass last year. Same guy whose tied with Dan Marino for best 30 game start. Interesting narratives created

  6. Isn’t it amazing how these NFL D’s can make the adjustments to stop most of these RPO QBs once they have enough “game tape” on them?

  7. I could stand on a defense and yell ‘run’ or ‘pass’ and be right 50% of the time. But if those defenses know where the play is headed, that is on the OC for not mixing things up enough. I think the up-tempo offense last week was just what the doctor ordered and where this offense should be based out of until a solid lead is established and they can sit back and run it more.

  8. I have been told repeatedly that the only way that one NFL team can know what play their opponent will run is from illegally stealing signals or filming practices. The first round of the draft is going to be much shorter this year with all the draft picks the league is going to take away.

  9. I’ve said this many times — Jackson is a great runner with instincts as good as any running back in the league, but he needs to improve his abilities as a passer or else his career will crash as fast as it did for guys like Kaepernick, RG3, or Tyrod. If he can’t learn to win games with just his arm, then defenses are going to focus on taking away the run and daring him to throw.

  10. Do any of you actually watch the games? If you don’t think there is a major problem with Jackson and the Ravens’ offense, then I’m guessing you think covid isn’t real either.
    It’s been clear since his rookie year that Lamar has major mechanical flaws throwing and is very inaccurate. Which results in him being unable to throw consistently to the hashes and outside. Which results in stalled drives in key moments and worse, turnovers. And ultimately means no playoff wins.
    This has happened repeatedly with Lamar but you’ve been blinded by the regular season wins.
    Yes, he is an exciting runner. But he is a below average QB. He is regressing fast and the stats are terrible this year… but you still want to keep him on the pedestal. Why?
    Defenses have adjusted and he still can’t throw. So you get what you’ve had the entire time, a running QB who is a poor passer and who is prone to turnovers as a result in crunch time.
    Sorry– am I wrong? What has Lamar ever done in a big game that mattered?

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