Report: Chiefs ask for investigation of union rep meeting with team absent a mask

Getty Images

No one is safe from scrutiny when it comes to compliance with COVID-19 protocols.

Adam Schefter of ESPN,com reports that the Chiefs have asked the NFL to investigate a meeting held by a representative of the NFL Players Association with Chiefs players in late October. The union rep allegedly wasn’t wearing a mask.

Making the situation even more potentially troubling is the fact that the union representative isn’t subject to the same protocols as players. The representative also regularly travels between teams.

The representative reportedly was “meeting and mingling with the players in close proximity.”

Schefter adds that the NFLPA was made aware of this situation, and that a union official said the NFLPA took action.

It’s unclear whether any infections can be linked to the meeting, but it’s definitely something that should not be happening — especially as infections generally continue to increase, throughout the country.