Texans fire top P.R. executive, citing lack of “cultural fit”

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The Texans continue to make changes. Even if those changes continue to be curious.

First came the abrupt and stunning firing of coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien after only four game into his dual role. Now comes, via Adam Schefter of ESPN, the abrupt and stunning firing of V.P. of communications Amy Palcic.

Palcic, the first and only female to run a team’s P.R. operations, reportedly was told that she is no longer a “cultural fit.”

So what’s the culture? The team currently is looking for a new G.M. and a new head coach. The culture, frankly, is (or at least should be) in limbo until those hires are made.

Even more frankly, this development speaks even more to the confusing rise of executive V.P. of football operations and interim G.M. Jack Easterby.

Questions about his credentials and his characterization of them largely have been ignored. That fact alone is credit to Palcic, who quite possibly has worked aggressively behind the scenes to get reporters to not point out more conspicuously that Easterby apparently embellished his experience in Jacksonville and that Easterby never actually worked for (i.e., got paid by) the Chiefs.

The message to any candidates for the G.M. job or the head-coaching position seems to be this: The Texans have become Jack Easterby’s world. This reality could ultimately cause candidates with options to opt to go elsewhere, the lure of Deshaun Watson notwithstanding.

As to Palcic, she’ll surely land on her feet somewhere. Widely respected in league circles, her staff won the 2017 Rozelle Award, given to the best P.R. staff in a 32-team league.

25 responses to “Texans fire top P.R. executive, citing lack of “cultural fit”

  1. Aside from firing of obrian, has there been any texan player praise of easterby? Wonder if texan players have any sentiments in regard to this latest firing?

  2. Firing O’Brian was overdue. Firing a award winning person 3 years after the award is curious. I suspect Jack Easterby is building his own little empire. I’d think twice about taking that head coaching job. Sycophants are going to be the order of the day. Sorry DeShaun.

  3. The rise of Easterby is surely one of the more curious personnel stories in the NFL. Does he have something on the owner?

  4. “cultural fit.” is a phrase employers use instead of “we don’t like you” when they fire you.

  5. Award winning and highly regarded as one of the best at what she does yet mysteriously kicked to the curb. Smells like a power play maybe to install a crony. Doesn’t sound like a “culture” I’d want to be a part of anyway.

  6. Seems like this Easterby guy has some cult-like control over ownership. Even as special as Deshaun is, coaches should stay away from this job. No draft picks, bloated contracts and having a salesman hover over you.

  7. They should trade Watson for a haul of picks, they’re gonna waste his prime years with this fool in charge anyway.

  8. Look, you can blame Easterby, but the real failure here is by the totally incompetent McNairs. They have been and remain among the most boneheaded owners. First the father, now the son–same sorry decisions.

    Cal McNair foolishly let go a good GM, then handed that job to a head coach with zero experience at that position. Quite predictably, O’Brien made a colossal mess. Instead of bringing in a competent GM, McNair has now moved on to Easterby, he with the paper thin resume, who without a doubt will eclipse O’Brien in destructiveness.

  9. “First came the abrupt and stunning firing of coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien after only four game into his dual role. ”

    LOL… Absolutely nobody was surprised by him being fired. And the number of games was irrelevant because he’d done so much damage over the previous several MONTHS.

  10. dartmouthstevens says: “Firing a award winning person 3 years after the award is curious. I suspect Jack Easterby is building his own little empire.”

    Toronto Raptors fired Coach-Of-The-Year Dwane Casey and immediately won the NBA Championship a year later…

  11. Firing a guy who you JUST promoted to GM, after only 4 games, is ridiculous. Im no obrien guy either….Id feel the same no matter who the person was.

    The travesty here is that a new regime should have been in place after last season..and that obviously didnt happen.
    Instead of 2020 being the 1st year of a re-do, its now just a totally wasted season.

  12. To me saying you’re not a cultural fit in the Texans organization is a compliment . The McNairs have proven to be such poor judges on who they keep and who they let go that this is actually a badge of honor .

  13. Texans were messy with O’Brien as the HC… Became a dumpster fire when they added GM to his resume’ and he traded away almost every assett they had towards complimenting Watson… Now appear to be a raging inferno as someone with possibly even less of a clue steers the ship.

  14. What exactly was their “culture” before this? Years of finishing 9-7 with only 2 playoff wins in how many years? Letting O’Brien come in and basically dismantle the team trying to win now without any experience or knowledge of transactions or value. I’d say the culture wasn’t all that great to begin with.

  15. I don’t get how a PR person can’t fit your “culture”. It sounds like she was handed something foul (Easterby’s hire) and has done her best to do some positive spin.

    If she doesn’t fit the “culture” because she voiced an opposing opinion to upper management, well, that’s just someone being thin-skinned. No organization works well if it’s filled with “yes men” or people are afraid to disagree with those in charge.

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