Tua Tagovailoa to Brian Flores: Thanks for taking shot on me


After the Dolphins beat the Cardinals last Sunday, NFL Films captured quarterback Tua Tagovailoa giving a game ball to head coach Brian Flores as they made their way off the field.

Tagovailoa thanked Flores during the exchange and he expounded on his decision to give Flores the ball when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

“It was just one of those, ‘Thank you for taking a shot on me.’ Like I said a year ago, who would’ve known? . . . But the Miami Dolphins decided to take a chance on me. That’s awesome,” Tagovailoa said, via Safid Deen of the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

The uncertainty that Tagovailoa referenced was created by the hip injury he suffered at Alabama last season. It’s been nearly a year since Tagovailoa went down and he said Wednesday that he’s not sure “if I’ll ever be my old self” because of the toll a traumatic injury can take.

While offensive coordinator Chan Gailey is a little surer of how much Tagovailoa has regained, the first-round pick called it a “continuous process” for him as he moves forward with his playing career.

18 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa to Brian Flores: Thanks for taking shot on me

  1. We are truly blessed as Dolphins fans to have Tua, he’s a once in a generation talent, the accuracy so far is off the charts good!

    Welcome to the 305 Tua!

  2. I like this guy more & more everyday – easy to understand why others do as well. In Tua’s world it’s about everyone – family, the team & the organization. I hope in the near future their mutual respect & successes will spill over to Miami. Good to read the positives!

  3. I wish scouting reports were public record. Would love to see why a team like Detroit passed on both Tua and Herbert for a CB with the 3rd pick. How is it possible to ascend to the top of your profession and still screw up that badly?

  4. Will he thank Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram for taking a shot on him this Sunday as well? Part of learning is handling a game after a loss, which is gonna happen against the Chargers.

  5. Miami selected a good QB but they could’ve done better. This Sunday will prove that Justin Herbert is the BEST QB in the 2020 draft class, including Joe Burrows.

  6. How could you not love this guy?! He’s talented, but so humble and grateful. No sense of entitlement whatsoever.

  7. Love TUA. Mild mannered and comes off as humble. The pendulum is swinging for Miami and everyone can feel it. Playoffs this year. Bank on it.

  8. I’ve only seen highlights of him (and he looks very good), but what a classy young man. Miami, you got a winner!

  9. A good kid who will do incredible things. Rare to hear of a problem child coming out of Nick Saban’s system.

  10. Dolphins fans have waited a really long time to have a team that we can get behind. Its about time that they are fun to watch again. Im excited to see where this team can go with all the picks they have in the coming drafts. Fins up its TUA time!

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