Baker Mayfield: A blessing to start fresh after bye week

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s brief stay on the reserve/COVID-19 list ended in time for him to practice on Wednesday and continue preparing to face the Texans as they come off their bye week.

The Browns hit the midpoint of their season with a 5-3 record, which provides reason to believe they can secure their first winning season since 2007. Two losses in their last three games before the bye provided some reason to think things will break the other way, but Mayfield believes the time off will be beneficial.

Mayfield said the team’s “meetings were extremely productive” and that the team was able to be “extremely critical” of what they had not done well in the first eight games. That process set the stage for what Mayfield believes will be a good launching pad for the second half.

“I’m very excited about getting back to work for this last journey, this run that we’re trying to make,” Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It started a long time ago, but hitting the reset button and being able to start fresh again is a blessing.”

The second half opens with three teams that currently have losing records and an opportunity for the Browns to pick up some momentum to get them across the finish line with that elusive winning record.

9 responses to “Baker Mayfield: A blessing to start fresh after bye week

  1. For Baker’s sake as well as the few, the proud, the Browns fans I hope Baker sets the league on fire the 2nd half of this season.

    In my book the Browns don’t have karma on their side. They dont deserve success after the cold blooded firing of John Dorsey. The man took over a team who for the prior two decades to his arrival made 2 quality roster decisions. Drafting Joe Thomas (no brainer that fell into their lap…still they didnt mess it up). Drafting Mitchell Schwartz (who they let John Dorsey sign away to a reasonable contract when he was the Chiefs GM)

    In a short amount of time Dorsey turned a trash organization with an arena football quality roster into one stacked with assets not just assets YOUNG assets and he created a buzz surrounding the team that had only ever known silence.

    He hired Freddie Kitchens which was a very very big mistake and seemed to be all along. Baker wanted him though and he did do well in his promotion to offensive coordinator. He made a 2nd mistake in paving the way for Kitchens promotion when he fired Todd Haley the same time as he did Jackson. There was far more upside to Todd Haley as their interim head coach than Greg William’s. Haley had taken the job in Cleveland with the understanding from Dorsey he would be take over for Hugh Jackson when the inevitable occurred.

    I’m not saying Todd Haley should’ve gotten the job permanently but he should’ve finished that season out and saved Cleveland from the Freddie Kitchens promotion and subsequent kock tease. Regardless Dorsey should’ve had a much longer leash after everything he did for an organization where many before him had tried and nobody else succeeded.

  2. A blessing would be, if you actually win a game against a decent team or be able to roll to your left and complete a pass.

  3. Is it just me or does anyone believe anything this guy says anymore. Sure, they’re 5-3. Two of their wins have been against the Bengals. Two more are against Washington and Dallas. The only respectable win they have is against the Colts. They have games remaining against the Eagles, Jags, Giants and Jets. That should get them to a respectable nine wins with only one quality win. Let’s not pretend they are a good football team….well, good for the Browns but when they play a good team they get destroyed.

  4. Every team in the NFL is good, they’re professional. An ugly win is still a win. So I will gladly take 9 – 10 easy or ugly wins this year. We as Browns fans have suffered way to fricking long

  5. I’m a Browns fan. I like Baker, he’s got plenty of talent, he just needs to stop throwing the desperate tossup passes that end up as INTs. There are obviously things in his play that deserve criticism.

    But no matter what Browns story is posted on PFT there are plenty of know-it-alls who mindlessly criticize the Browns and Baker or whoever the story is about. Easy target, I know.

    Cleveland is one of a handful of NFL teams that is saddled with inept, incompetent, meddlesome ownership that consistently churns through organizational leadership to the extreme detriment of team culture, consistency and stability.

    Baker hasn’t been as good as he could’ve been at the beginning of his career because of the churn. Whatever positives happen on the field happen despite our awful owner and his witless handling of the team. Baker isn’t the problem.

  6. Man, I thought we had a good chance at making the playoffs and then the Raiders game happened. Now, teams like Miami and the Raiders seem poised to make the playoffs and that leaves the Browns as the perennial runners up (only in Cleveland).

    I try not to think this way but that curse thingy with Modell looks more and more like a real thing. No team has an all star roster stacked as heavy as the Browns (not even the vaunted Eagles team of yesteryear) and we CONTINUE TO BROWN IT UP!!!

    I can realistically see the Browns at 7-9 (at seasons end) with losses to teams we should win against. Now that’s the Cleveland thing to do.

    The Browns used to have a saying plastered on their facility wall “PLAY LIKE A BROWN” upon entering. That kind of negative reinforcement is subliminal with long term negative effect.

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