Buccaneers receivers coach: Antonio Brown has done everything I’ve asked

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Antonio Brown doesn’t have the best reputation around the NFL, but in his first few weeks as a Buccaneer, his position coach says he’s been a model citizen.

Buccaneers receivers coach Kevin Garver said Brown has been excellent in practices and meetings so far.

“He’s done everything that I’ve asked him to do,” Garver said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “We’re in communication every day. We talk every morning, we talk all throughout the day. We have extra meetings that we do, and he’s done everything that I’ve asked him to do up to this point.”

Garver acknowledged that Brown did make one mistake on Sunday, cutting his route short on what turned into a Tom Brady interception. But Garver said that was the only time Brown didn’t know his assignment on a play.

“He really came out of the game with one mental error which, one week of preparation, I’d say that’s pretty solid,” Garver said. “I think that he really did a great job coming in, putting the time in. Really a lot of extra meetings, extra walk-throughs, really handled himself extremely well from a mental standpoint.”

The Buccaneers were terrible in Brown’s first game, but they still believe he’s going to be a big part of making them Super Bowl contenders down the stretch.

23 responses to “Buccaneers receivers coach: Antonio Brown has done everything I’ve asked

  1. So coach, what you’re saying is that Antonio Brown is behaving himself in an adult manner? For now he is. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  2. Right.
    I know everyone else’s bosses make public statements about each of their employees actually doing their jobs…

  3. Amazing how quickly Antonio has fallen from being an all-time great to needing to be treated like a kindergartener.

  4. The fact that Garver feels he needs to defend Brown means Brown has already destroyed the chemistry of the team. If you’re explaining, you’re losing.

  5. A professional football player comes in and does his job. And this is news because everyone knows he is a head case. Talk about setting the bar low. I wish my employer had such low standards.

  6. You can move and put on new clothes, but the real you will eventually come out. My guess is the court date for the lawsuit.

  7. Brown joins team & Bucs fall apart & Brady has his worse loss of his illustrious career……coincided??? Hmmmmm

  8. It’s been 2 weeks…doing everything asked of you, especially in light of this being his 3rd last chance, is not asking a lot

  9. Shouldn’t it be a defensive backs coach? He spent more time defending passes and tackling than he did receiving.

  10. We can see one of two Browns here:

    1) He actually is not a complete psycho and can have a somewhat good season with Tampa.

    2) He just goes off the rails and is a repeat of Raiders brown.

    I hope he’s Brown number 1 but I have no way in knowing that’ll be the Brown we see and hear about.

  11. Mike Evans is already complaining about not getting enough targets. Add AB to the mix and Evans will be getting even less targets. (popcorn ready)

  12. What’s he gonna say? We all know if he gave anything other than a fantastically glowing review Mr Big Chest would pout and tweet rage.

  13. Funny thing, my daughter’s teacher just told me the same thing about her…except she’s 7…

    Does this mean coach asked AB to be a complete non-factor and run a wrong route last week in order to preserve the shellacking they took?

  14. ““He’s done everything that I’ve asked him to do,” Garver said”


    The question will soon become whether Garver, Leftwich, and Arians will do what Brown asks.

  15. The Garver statement was not some kind of report-card type of announcement. It was a statement he made in response to a question at the usual Wednesday press day, and it’s exactly the kind of response you commonly hear when a reporter asks about how a new guy is doing.

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