Chiefs have lost one game in more than a full year

With so much talk about which teams are or aren’t good or great this year, one fact remains undeniable: The Chiefs are awesome.

Currently 8-1 in 2020, the Chiefs have a run of success that dates back a full year, with an 17-1 record in 18 games. As they approach their week off, they’re taking stock of where they are, and where they want to be.

“I think we’re the most dominant team in the National Football League,” tight end Travis Kelce told PFT after Sunday’s win over the Panthers. “We lost to the Raiders [and] in my opinion we shouldn’t have. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.”

The loss quite possibly happened because every team that plays the Chiefs treats the game like a measuring stick, bringing the best they have to show that they can compete with the best in the business. It causes the Chiefs to sometimes struggle against lesser teams.

“We haven’t necessarily shown that we’re the big bad wolf, for whatever reason,” Kelce said. “Close games, little things that hurt you I mean in terms of like penalties and missed assignments and things like that. We just gotta keep capitalizing on it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. We knew coming into this that we were gonna have to build an entire team all over again. We couldn’t hang our hat on what we did last year at all we’re gonna have to work for this.”

They get a chance to avenge the only loss of the last calendar year when they head to Las Vegas next Sunday night. Kelce is confident.

“I always kind of split up the first and the second half by the bye week,” Kelce said. “We got here with one loss and I don’t plan on losing any time soon.”

The final seven games consist of the trip to Las Vegas, followed by the Buccaneers at Tampa, the Broncos at home, at Miami (sneaky great game), at New Orleans, and then season-ending home games against the Falcons and Chargers.

With the Steelers at 8-0 but living dangerously almost every week, the No. 1 seed could still happen for the Chiefs. They simply have to do what Kelce says and not lose any time soon.