Corey Davis plans to play tonight, a day after his brother’s death

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Corey Davis will honor his late brother tonight by doing what both of them loved to do.

Davis, the Titans wide receiver whose brother Titus Davis died yesterday at the age of 27, plans to play tonight, according to Paul Kuharsky.

Titus Davis was a record-breaking wide receiver at Central Michigan who had a brief NFL career. When Corey was starring at Western Michigan, he said that it was his big brother who turned him into the football player he is.

He’s the sole reason I’m playing this sport today,” Corey Davis said. “We’re always working and getting better together. He’s helped me, even when I was at Western, and he was at Central. He’s helped me find things I need to do better and improve on.”

Titus Davis died of renal medullary carcinoma, a rare cancer of the kidneys that usually afflicts young adults.

13 responses to “Corey Davis plans to play tonight, a day after his brother’s death

  1. Brett Favre also played the day after his father’s death. The date was December 23, 2003. Favre threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns against Oakland. The Oakland fans gave him a standing ovation.

  2. I personally don’t know how players find the strength to go out there and play shortly after the passing of a loved one, but if history has taught us anything, Corey is about to play the game of his life tonight

  3. Sorry for his loss. Peace be with you and your family. Do what you have to in order to get through this tough time

  4. I seem to remember Torrey Smith having a 2-TD game for the Ravens shortly after his brother’s passing. If Corey Davis believes that playing is the best way to honor his brother, then it is.

  5. That’s horrible. Way to young to die of that crap. Prayers to his family, and I hope little bro lights it up tonight in his honor. 🙏

  6. He is honoring his brother by playing. I remember Torrey Smith lost his brother, played that Thursday night game, and played great. I survived cancer and know what it can do to you. I am so sorry for his pain. I hope Dak Prescott calls to offer support. They could help each other through the worst time of their lives.

  7. I would say the Titans should give him plenty of targets and let him ball out, but knowing the Titans, they’ll feed their practice squad WRs/TEs and their backup RBs instead…

  8. Condolences to him and his family, that is a tragedy. I hope he can put it all out there on the field today. I was going to sit him in fantasy this week but remembering Favre’s game, go out there and have a day Corey.

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