Jamal Adams downplays sideline exchange with Pete Carroll


Sunday’s loss to the Bills featured the most points ever allowed by the Seahawks during Pete Carroll’s tenure as coach. It also included a sideline interaction between Carroll and safety Jamal Adams.

Appearing on Uninterrupted’s 17 Weeks podcast on SiriusXM/Pandora, Adams downplayed the interaction.

“I’ve never screamed at Pete in my life,” Adams said. “And obviously I just met the guy. I’ve never disrespected Pete and never will. I have so much respect for that guy, you know, for the media and for people that do believe that, that is not what happened. What happened was I was so fired up that I ended up getting two sacks, or I think it was after my first sack, and I told him, let me loose, keep feeding me. I told him I’m my lion. That’s what I told him. So he was smiling under his mask. I can see him smiling, but he was like, ‘Calm down, calm down.'”

The video of the back-and-forth seems to be consistent with Adams’ version. Given his history and reputation for being fiery at times, the fact that it attracted attention is understandable. Still, it seems to be a far cry from the kind of coach-player kerfuffle that would create lingering problems.

14 responses to “Jamal Adams downplays sideline exchange with Pete Carroll

  1. The NY Jets absolutely fleeced the Seahawks. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

    Petey did himself in on that one. Wait until Adams starts demanding 17-20 mil per which will be this offseason with a collapsing cap ceiling.

  2. Seahawks gave up 2 first round picks and a third round pick for a guy who can’t cover on passing downs. I don’t get it.

  3. watching it live i thought it was definitely an “im pumped up, keep letting me loose coach” moment

  4. Football is an emotional game played by grown men who feel passionately about what they do. Disagreements happen

  5. youngnoize says:
    November 12, 2020 at 3:04 pm
    Football is an emotional game played by grown men who feel passionately about what they do. Disagreements happen
    That’s what they said about Antonio Brown too,This guy is a problem.

  6. This isn’t a bad thing folks. This is in fact what the Defense needs. Fired up players. Hopefully, it catches on with the rest of that crew.

  7. No problem with that but my concern is he just wants to go out and “make plays” rather than have responsibilities in the scheme. He is a great athlete and can make plays but I’m worried he free-lances too much. One play he makes a highlight reel and the next “his guy” is running free down the field for an easy TD catch. I can never say I know the coverage being called but more than once he was covering someone near the line and then let him just go against the Bills. Maybe he over-the-top help in the scheme, and maybe he just blew his assignment.

  8. Seattles defense played like garbage thanks to the corners and Pete and Norton decision to go with some base formation like they use to run with Red Bryant back in 2012 to stop the Bills run game. It took them nearly a half to figure out the Bills were going to pass because everybody was wide open.

    Adams was trying to fire up the team on the sidelines which is great. He wanted them to play better and motivate. I understand people want to fill a narrative on some players but I see a player trying to fire up his team and coach especially after he made a big play.

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