Joe Judge disagrees with critics of Daniel Jones’ aggressiveness

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Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is coming off his first turnover-free game of the year and the Giants are coming off of their second win of the season, but the topics of conversation at head coach Joe Judge’s Wednesday press conference weren’t all positive.

Judge fielded questions about whether he thinks Jones is playing aggressively enough in his second season. He averaged two touchdown passes a game in his 12 starts as a rookie, but only has eight in nine games this season and has also seen a drop in his yards per pass attempt.

It’s a different offense than Jones played in as a rookie and Judge said the Giants want to be “a little bit more calculated about how we want to systematically move the ball down the field.” He still takes issue with the idea that Jones is not playing aggressively enough.

“I would disagree with that — I think he’s doing a lot of things aggressively,” Judge said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “I think the way this guy stands in the pocket when the rush is collapsing on him at certain times or makes plays with his feet extending outside the pocket, the way he’s willing to pull the ball in some of the zone reads and run downfield and take a big hit. I see a lot of aggressiveness in Daniel, and I like the way he plays.”

Cutting the turnovers out of the game would be a big step forward for Jones even if it comes at the expense of aggressiveness on some plays. That’s especially true if it leads to wins that keep the Giants alive in the NFC East.