Philip Rivers leapfrogs Dan Marino on all-time passing yardage list

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Philip Rivers entered Thursday night’s game against the Titans needing only three yards to catch Dan Marino on the all time passing list. Rivers quickly got it.

The Colts quarterback has leapfrogged Marino, who retired with 61,361 yards.

The next rung on the ladder will take plenty of work for Rivers. Brett Favre has the No. 4 position, with 71,838 yards. To catch Favre, Rivers likely would need to more into 2023.

Rivers, a first-round pick of the Chargers in 2004, became the full-time starter in 2006.

He remains No. 6 on the all-time passing touchdown list, 13 behind Marino.

17 responses to “Philip Rivers leapfrogs Dan Marino on all-time passing yardage list

  1. You’re not allowed to touch QB’s, so expect all the longevity records to fall. I’m happy about the rules protecting QB’s. I just don’t put much stock in these type records. Rivers has played forever. No championships. I’m more into those type things.

  2. Congrats, I remember someone dared him when he got drafted to get the record while crying the whole time. He did it…

    Now maybe he can quit crying and possibly be likable.

  3. 100 years of NFL QB’s and hes 5th all time in passing yards. Thats impressive. In only 14.5 years of play. Most on the list are 15+. Only 8 of the top 20 have won championships if your more into those types of things. Marino is one of them. I guess he’s any good either, huh? SMH…

  4. Yeah, never got the “only thing that counts is Championships” thing.

    Like Dan Marino was not great? Or Fran Tarkenton?

    Brad Johnson has a championship
    Trent Dilfer has a championship

    Great? No
    Hall of Fame? No

    When discussing the talent of players neither the stats or championships ALONE tell the story.

  5. Rivers should in no way be compared to Marino. Marino is on of the all-time greats. Rivers is one of the all-time above average.

  6. Playing from behind on the chargers for 13 years will do wonders for some stats others like wins not so much. Where is he on the wins all time list

  7. Nothing against Phillip, but anyone with any sense of objectivity knows that rule changes have made passing numbers balloon through the years. Phillip isn’t half the QB Dan was. Kids only know numbers and rings though. No context.

  8. He is 8th in wins all time. At 128-104, he did not spend most of his career playing from behind.
    In fact, his problem is the opposite. First 3 qtrs, rtg>100. 4th qtr ~60.

  9. Has anyone compared Philip’s interception and pick-six ratio to Marino? Or the number of garbage-time yards and TDs? I knew Dan Marino. Marion was a neighbor of mine. You sir are no Dan Marino.

  10. I have to say the man has been pretty damn durable his entire career. Definitely not the most talented QB, but gets the job done for the most part. Was on some talented San Diego teams back in the late 2000s. HOF? We’ll see.

  11. Not really fair to compare today’s QBs to 80s 90s QBs. Back then QBs could be hit and receivers held without much in the way of DPI calls.

  12. * Cannot hit the QB too high
    * cannot hit the QB too low
    * Cannot hit the QB too hard(fall on him with your weight)
    * Cannot his the QB when he is going down (sliding)
    * Cannot touch any part of the QB’s helmet – ever
    * Cannot have any part of your helmet touch the QB or the receiver
    *Receiver must “make a football move” to have possession, so passes are now incomplete instead of a fumble and loss of possession
    * QB can throw the ball away outside of the pocket
    * Cannot hit the receiver to high
    * Cannot hit the receiver unless he is ready (defenseless receiver – so “hospital” passes high across the middle are now completions or PI penalties)
    * not allowed to touch the receivers after 5 yards
    * Referees call game-changing PI’s on ticky-tack calls regularly (and I find myself looking for a flag after every incomplete pass if it is contested at all)
    * Referees calling less Offensive holding on pass plays

    Any other rule changes I am missing that make playing QB way easier than Marino’s day?!

    It’s a different era – and that is by design. I read an article about 10 years back that rule makers wanted the QB’s to be the centrepiece of the NFL marketing campaigns(not RB’s – because their lifespan is short) so they manipulated the rules to inflate QB numbers and ensure their longevity – that way they can Market the same QB for 10-15 years.

    So the result is average QBs routinely throw for 4k yards a season and last team with the ball usually wins.

    I mean it’s still football, but i like the run game and bone-jarring tackles.

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