The Weeknd will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show

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Plans for how many fans will be able to attend Super Bowl LV in Tampa in February are still being formulated, but we now know who those fans will be watching perform at halftime.

Pepsi said in October that they were planning to move forward with a show. On Thursday, they announced that The Weeknd will be performing in the Super Bowl halftime show.

“After a year that’s largely been void of live music, we can’t wait to watch The Weeknd transform the world’s biggest stage with his limitless talent and creativity, delivering what will most certainly be an unforgettable performance that will be remembered for years to come,” PepsiCo Senior Vice President Adam Harter said in a statement.

Several of The Weeknd’s hits have come as collaborations with other artists, including Ariana Grande and Kendrick Lamar, and several recent halftime shows have featured multiple performers, so there could be further announcements to come about what we’ll see on February 7.

27 responses to “The Weeknd will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show

  1. The Weeknd is awesome. It’s cool that they’re booking foreign artists for the SB and not just sticking exclusively American artists in there

  2. kcsam76 says:
    November 12, 2020 at 12:29 pm
    Man, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for a halftime show.

    But we all know why he was chosen.

  3. Normally id be upset with this selection, but I’ve been so deprived this year of concerts, I’ll take anything

  4. I can’t believe all the ignorant morons who are poking fun of The Weeknd, he is a very famous performer and the best part is that he is from a great country………..Canada.

  5. somebody needs to tell this guy to buy that extra vowel for his name. wont be watching him regardless.

  6. Scraping the bottom of the barrel? lol The Weeknd has won plenty of awards, including three Grammys. He’s also in the top 10 of most streamed artists of all time. So the opposite of bottom of the barrel. And @crush22, would you like to tell us why you think he was chosen? Looks like it’s his credentials in my opinion. Some of us should look to expand our taste in music.

  7. Never heard of him. Do we need a viewer discretion warning like there should have been last year?

  8. I’m very surprised people are so cold on The Weeknd. He’s incredibly talented. He has an 80s vibe and style about him. Very soulful. Not teenybopper by a long shot

  9. So yes, I am old – a Baby Boomer. But I check out new music. And this is all they could come up with? A very disturbed singing obsessed with beheadings & killing people – sounds like a great time. As to many awards? From who? At least no excuse not to grab a feast at halftime. And he joins Tom Petty, Rolling Stones & Katy Perry. Wanna bet on who will be voted the worst halftime show of all time? LOL.

  10. crush22 says:
    November 12, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    But we all know why he was chosen.

    We do?? Enlighten us and tell everyone why?

  11. crush22 says:

    But we all know why he was chosen

    Not all. I don’t. Why was he chosen?

  12. Why does ANYBODY care about a halftime show during the Super Bowl! I watch the SB to watch the FOOTBALL GAME. I could care less whatever act happens to be on – I never watch it.
    Am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous to promote a halftime concert that takes so long that it actually extends halftime. This affects the game, but no one wants to admit that. Teams get more time to make adjustments, inured players get more recovery time and momentum before the half is all but erased so we can watch some pathetic pop artists cater to young people who otherwise wouldn’t even be tuning in!
    It’s all about money and ratings these days and less and less to do with the actual football. Sad…
    For those of you that care – enjoy the show. For those of you who want to watch football, enjoy your break time at the fridge or the bathroom…

  13. Not on my playlist (yet) but I had to see how many downloads he had on Spotify. One song had 1.6 billion. My guess is a few people have heard of him.

  14. Who? I can’t talk bad about the guy (the name sounded like a band until I read the comments) because I don’t know who he is. Guess I’m headed to YouTube to find out.

  15. Doesn’t really matter who they pick for the show given the whole thing will be non-stop fireworks and crazy dance numbers that will leave the artists visibly panting as they desperately try to lip sync since it’s apparently now verboten to actually sing live.

  16. If they wanted someone Canadian they should have gotten Terrance and Phillip. They come with their own fireworks!

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