Cam Newton: I just respect Lamar Jackson’s game so much

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson said this week that he looked up to Cam Newton when he was growing up and “wanted to get where he is” as a player.

Jackson has done a good job of following through on that goal. He won a Heisman while at Louisville and won the NFL’s MVP award last season to accomplish two of the milestones that have marked Newton’s career. This weekend he and Newton will be on the same field when the Ravens come to Gillette Stadium to face the Patriots.

Newton hasn’t looked up to Jackson the same way, but he has followed his fellow quarterback’s rise. Newton was at Jackson’s first college start as an Auburn fan and said he was struck by how “electric” Jackson was in a 31-24 Auburn win. He’s kept watching over the years and sees Jackson filling the same role he played for the younger player.

“Man, my boy Lamar has a gear not many human beings got. And just to see him take off, I’m a fan of the game. And if I’m watching Baltimore, obviously I’m watching to see what the MVP is going to do,” Newton said, via Matt Vautour of “I just respect his game so much. . . . For him to be as successful and to make the impact, the big splash in this game, not many people have done it. I say Michael Vick, I say Lamar. I don’t even think I’m in that stratosphere, but for him to be as dominant, dynamic, explosive at the quarterback position is something that just gives so much opportunity to the younger generation to be able to see what Lamar Jackson is doing and to get hopes to say, ‘I could play the quarterback position too.'”

Winning a game will take precedence on Sunday night, but it sounds like the mutual admiration society will live on regardless of the result.

6 responses to “Cam Newton: I just respect Lamar Jackson’s game so much

  1. Newton’s comparison Jackson and Vick is apt. I loved watching the ATL version of Vick. I love watching Jackson for the same reason. They are exciting. Not a fan of either team, but who can not enjoy watching these men play.

  2. I think Cam is in a magnanimous mood after leading the Patriots to a come from behind, last second win over the Jets. I have never heard him so complimentary towards opposing players before going to NE.

  3. What is to respect about Lame’s game? He is selfish and hogs the ball and hasn’t improved one bit as a passer. He runs instead of giving his receivers a chance to get open. He’s a fraud. And soon his legs will go bust and he’ll disappear.

  4. The Patriots stink this year. 13 starters out. All receivers are undrafted RFA and most of the d line and linebackers are practice squadders. Still, Belichick makes them competitive.
    It is time for the Ravens offense and Lamar to put up or shut up. He should easily throw for 300 and run for 100, if he is as good as you keep saying he is. He is basically playing against a defense equivalent to Alabama’s… or maybe worse.

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