Cowboys hope to sign Aldon Smith to long-term deal

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The Cowboys reportedly turned down trade offers for Aldon Smith at the deadline earlier this month. They instead hope to sign the pass rusher to a long-term deal.

The Cowboys in April signed Smith to a one-year deal worth up to $4 million as he returned to the NFL after a four-year absence. It will cost them more this time.

Owner Jerry Jones confirmed on 105.3 The Fan that the Cowboys hope to have Smith around long term.

“Yes, and the idea here is that Aldon is getting better,” Jones said Friday. “He’s a bigger man than he was when he played earlier in his career. But that has a lot of positives to it, too. But every time he’s stepping out there, he’s gaining on it, and that’s interesting to be at this stage of his career. But he’s an absolute unique in every way pressure player. We want to maximize our relationship with him. We’ve all got a good one with him. Proud of him. Proud for him. Proud that he’s given himself this chance, and we’re going to help him do it. So, as I’ve said earlier, I’m a fan of his.”

Smith has five sacks in nine games this season, giving him 52.5 for his career.

9 responses to “Cowboys hope to sign Aldon Smith to long-term deal

  1. In a vacuum, signing Aldon Smith to a long-term deal seems like a no-brainer. He’s played far better than I thought he could or would after a years-long long layoff, and so far he’s stayed out of trouble. You have to figure he will only get better as he gets acclimated.
    However, as most people here know, the salary cap will take a significant dive next year. The Cowboys already have a very top-heavy roster when it comes to contracts, and they’ll either have to apply a second tag to Dak Prescott (with a significant bump over this year), or give him the long-term deal he wants (and what he wants is the moon).
    I could see Smith offering Dallas a small discount for taking a chance on him when others wouldn’t, but he isn’t going to play for free. Good luck paying all those guys Jerry, let alone patching your team’s many holes or finding any kind of depth.

  2. Yes , please sign ALL of your under performing self proclaimed stars , they play so well together.

  3. As a Cowboys fan what Smith has done this year has been admirable, great story of his road back to better life for him and his family. But, we need to get younger, and find good, less expensive talent is the draft.

  4. The smart thing would to havesigned him to one of those multiyear deals where the team can cancel after the 1st year if things didn’t work out. But the Cowbay management (Jerry Jones) has shown little ability to think beyond the season in front of them.

  5. One sack in his last six games. Will be 32 next season. By all means Jerry, give him a boatload of money.

  6. They simply are not going to have enough cap space to sign Smith and Dak. They may not have enough cap space to sign Dak.

  7. He hasn’t made a serious play in weeks and this is grounds for a long term deal? Ever since his first game back, he’s been a diminishing return prospect. By the end of this season, he’ll be a roster filler just like is found in meatloaf.

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