Matt Nagy won’t call offensive plays for Bears Monday

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy said earlier this week that the team would look at everything in order to spur their offensive production and included his role as the offensive playcaller in that conversation.

Nagy has decided to make a change on that front. At his Friday press conference, Nagy announced that offensive coordinator Bill Lazor will take over that responsibility for Monday night’s game against the Vikings.

“It allows me to really look at all three phases from the head-coaching position and focus on that. . . . I’m excited to let Bill take this over and he has experience in this role. I think he’s gonna do a great job,” Nagy said, via Kevin Fishbain of

The Bears rank 29th in points scored and yards from scrimmage, so the need to improve on the offensive side of the ball is a clear one in Chicago. If this move doesn’t bear fruit, we’ll find out what else the Bears will try as memories of their 5-1 start fade away.

42 responses to “Matt Nagy won’t call offensive plays for Bears Monday

  1. Translation: “they told me that since they went out and got the exact quarterback I asked for, im getting fired if I don’t turn this thing around.”

    Handing off playcalling duties is a kiss of death

  2. “It allows me to really look at all three phases from the head-coaching position and focus on that”

    Radical idea that the head coach might want to be doing his actual job.

  3. You, run past the telephone pole and do a button hook, and you, you get past the second bush and go right…call me Matt, I can do it!

  4. Too late, Matt. Your goose is already cooked. Im just glad we dont have to look at that stupid play sheet of his anymore that says “Be You” LOL.

    He should a hold a sheet now that says “Be somebody else.”

  5. This won’t make things worse but it won’t help much either. You still a good QB, a decent OL, and more than 1 running back.

  6. The offense just needs to be average to go far and the defense will carry us. Probably the last year we can say that.

    It’s a team effort, he’s got to be able to see he’s hindering the flow. Can’t call a time out in a hurry up offense when the defense is reeling. Can’t call a timeout after a fake punt. Focus on tailoring the plays to your team.

    Not sure if we should root for the team to win out or lose out at this point. We’re struggling in cap space next year (700k to spare) and we’re the second oldest team in the league.

    Either way this team is going to look different next year.

  7. 52 games into his head coaching career he suddenly decided to stop calling plays so he can “focus on all three phases”? Better update that resume, Nagy. It’s only a matter of time now.

  8. If passing the play calling duties off to someone else jump starts the offense, then that would be another vote that Nagy needs to go.

  9. Not counting the Jets and Jags, is there a more boring team in the NFL to watch than the Bears?

  10. I was thinking the Vikings were gonna finish 9-7 and possibly sneak into the playoffs… but this is the type of things that regularly breaks the Vikings back.

  11. Actually might be an advantage going into any game where that has occurred, assuming that any offensive schemes change. If they changed anything, the Vikings will have less on film, and will not know the tendencies.

    Hopefully the Vikes can control the ball with Dalvin and not have to put Cousins in a position to have to drop back and pass.

    The O-line is showing itself to be decent at run-blocking, but they SUCK at pass-blocking and Cousins is lousy at escaping.

  12. If the Bears contain Cook, and there’s every chance that they will, I wouldn’t be surprised if they win.

  13. IDK
    Having said what I did and also agreeing with what nathanp2013 said.. Maybe I’ll be surprised and Kubiak will have some wrinkles of his own and surprise the Bears since they for SURE sill be expecting the Dalvin cook show all day.

  14. About six games too late, but better late than never. Let’s see what Lazor can cook up (not much, but I live in hope). Pagano had better get the D ready to go!

  15. The Bears offensive line is total trash. The Bears are dead last in rushing. Foles has no time in the pocket.

    It really seems like Nagy’s play calling ignored that fact. I also don’t know what they can do at this point to improve the oline. I don’t think the Eagles offensive line playing 3rd stringers was as bad as the bears oline but maybe better play calling will help hide it.

  16. Don’t underestimate the Vikings’ ability to make other teams look good.
    It’s happened many times; they let Rex Grossman beat them in his rookie debut.

  17. No horse in this race but this should be a fun game. This change takes away scouted looks from the Vikings defensive staff. And Cool vs the Bears’ D should be fun.

  18. Disappointing. I was thinking the Vikes might have a chance at Soldier for once. Not so much after hearing this.

  19. The worse outcome is a big Bear win or even a Bear win of any margin because it would send the message that it was just Nagy’s play calling when the whole org. (save the defense) is rotten. (owners, GM, coach, QBs, RBs, O-line). Not yet at the Jets level but not even ready to really face the Pack either.

  20. Not to fear, Bears fan
    Even with Nagy calling the plays, our favorite Cousins is 0-3 against da Bears.
    Even with the Bear putrid offense, I see no reason the outcome on Monday night will be any different…

  21. soisaystotheguyi says:
    November 14, 2020 at 10:23 am
    No horse in this race but this should be a fun game. This change takes away scouted looks from the Vikings defensive staff. And Cool vs the Bears’ D should be fun.

    I don’t disagree but ….while I think Nagy should have given up play calling a LONG time ago, the Bears just lack the personnel to make a game offensively interesting. What do you need to scout? Nick Foles? Only people who didn’t get that memo were the people fawned over a one game MVP nod. O-Line? Not going to magically get better. Etc etc.

    I am actually picking the Bears though because I don’t think very highly of the Vikings either. MUCH higher with Cook back in the lineup but my money is on Bears D keeping that straight, forcing Cousins to do something he rarely can.

  22. acemagee45 says:
    November 13, 2020 at 6:16 pm
    He never did in KC either


    Matt Nagy did call plays in KC.

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