Mike Vrabel: Titans will evaluate everything we do on special teams

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The Titans’ special teams were a disaster on Thursday night, with Stephen Gostkowski missing his NFL-high eighth field goal this season, and punter Trevor Daniel having one punt shanked and another punt blocked, both setting up Colts touchdowns.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said he remains confident in special teams coach Craig Aukerman and special teams assistant Ryan Crowe, but other changes may be coming.

“I think we’re going to have to evaluate everything that we do. We have to be better in all areas,” Vrabel said, via ESPN. “I have confidence in Craig and Ryan and what they do. We’ll continue to hold people accountable and continue to improve. I thought that those guys, I’m very confident they know what they’re doing. I know what they coach, I’m in those meetings and there at practice. We will just keep working and making sure that we start playing better in that area and performing better.”

It won’t be a surprise if the Titans make changes at both punter and kicker this week.

7 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Titans will evaluate everything we do on special teams

  1. The shanked punt was bad, but it happens. Not sure that a change is or is not warranted due to one shanked punt. As to the blocked punt, that is indeed on the coaches. When you put a green punter on the field you should absolutely be anticipating that a well coached opponent is going to come after the block. There are many ways to counter such a concern other than snapping the ball on the expected count and being surprised by a big rush–especially following a horrible shank on the preceding punt. Kudos to Indy on the big domination of special teams coaching and all other coaching wins last night.

    Respects for the comment about holding people accountable. As to the kicker, if the team is confident there is a kicker that will do better it is time to move on. But they don’t want to bring in a new kicker just for change. By the way, kicker was hinting of injury earlier in the game. Not that is an excuse, just that this may make the decision easier.

  2. Not sure I’d consider never bringing in any competition for a kicker who is 12 for 20 “holding people accountable” but okay.

  3. I’ve never seen a punter cost a team a game…until last night. Looks like Trevor Daniel will be back to his Fed Ex deliveries next week.

  4. The Titans would have lost it, anyways. Their defense is TERRIBLE. I’m usually a Vrabel guy, but him talking trash about their Special Teams while ignoring how poorly the defense has played ALL YEAR? Sounds to me like he needs to check his ego.

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