Bruce Arians anticipates that his team will “bounce back pretty good”

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On Sunday night, the Saints blasted Tampa Bay back to the days of the Yuccaneers, embarrassing the home team with a 38-3 beatdown. Coach Bruce Arians believes that his team will respond well to extreme adversity.

“I think we have great leadership, and when you have really good leadership, very seldom will you ever lose two in a row,” Arians told reporters on Friday. “We’ve always preached that to our guys. This week of practice has been outstanding — just as if when we won our last ballgame. The one thing I can never complain about is our guys’ work ethic. [Their] attention to detail has been outstanding. I would anticipate them to bounce back pretty good.”

The Buccaneers currently are favored by six points to beat the Panthers on Sunday. A win, especially a convincing one, would re-establish the Buccaneers as one of the better teams in the conference. A loss would drop them to 6-4 and put them in danger of not making the playoffs.

7 responses to “Bruce Arians anticipates that his team will “bounce back pretty good”

  1. With all that “superstar talent” they better not just win, but win convincingly. It would be completely unacceptable if this team put up 17 points and barely escape. At some point the coaching staff should come under fire for poor game planning and teams lack of readiness

  2. As a Cardinals fan Bruce got smashed in the NFC championship against the Panthers 49-15. The Cardinals were a great 13-3 team and that marked the best record in their history.
    Bruce not only had a bad gameplan but the team just folded on him. It was hard to watch and Larry Fitzgerald had to fight back tears. Bruce Arians and many players on that team betrayed him by how bad the gamelan was and the effort.
    The Cardinals were never the same after that and he was BA .500 or worse the next two years. Rumors of drinking while coaching kicked off. Other teams had figured out BAs lame offense.
    So the Cardinals forced him to retire. He never would have drafted Kyler Murray either. The Saints game last week reminded me of that NFC championship game.
    Trust me when I say Bucs fans. BA will never win a Super Bowl as a head coach. He doesn’t have it in him regardless how talented the team is. He talks a big game and chokes.
    Do not be surprised if this team falls apart around 8-8 or 9-7 either.

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