Jabrill Peppers fined $11,031 for hit that injured Kyle Allen

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Washington quarterback Kyle Allen is expected to miss the rest of the season after taking a hit to the leg from Giants safety Jabrill Peppers on Sunday. That hit was nowhere near as costly for Peppers was it was for Allen, but it will cost Peppers something.

The NFL fined Peppers $11,031 for the hit, which was ruled unnecessary roughness.

Peppers apologized afterward for the hit, which looked like a leg whip but which Peppers said was just an accident.

“I definitely didn’t mean for that to happen,” Peppers said. “I didn’t intentionally try to leg whip him, or whatever the penalty was. I was just trying to play hard and get him on the ground.”

Washington coach Ron Rivera said he didn’t blame Peppers and thought he was just trying to make a play.

7 responses to “Jabrill Peppers fined $11,031 for hit that injured Kyle Allen

  1. Gimme a break. It was clearly a leg whip that he used in an attempt to trip up Allen. Plain as day in the replay.

  2. I watched the replay. Peppers was rolling over in an attempt to make some kind of contact, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a “leg whip”. It was definitely a freak injury.

  3. Should fine all unnecessary roughness calls a minimum of $250k.
    The players can afford it.

  4. As some would have it, Peppers should be out for the season since Allen is as well. Seems excessive but that’s what many were saying after Bostic took out Dalton. Until cameras can determine intent, the two plays are identical: both flagged, fined and injured.

  5. this was intentional for sure. not to injure but to bring the qb down. almost like instinctively, but definitely intentionally. the difference between this and the dalton hit is that allen had no part in the way the injury occurred, while dalton’s late slide was a part of why he got hurt.

  6. He was rolling on the ground initially facing away from Kyle Allen.
    I don’t see how thats intentional.
    i see far more deliberate hits that get a PF but no one calls for a suspension.
    Just because you are hurt on a freak play doesn’t make it dirty.
    Even if they give a PF I don’t see this as warranting a suspension.

    I don’t even think it’s a penalty and even if it it, it shouldn’t be a fine.
    The NFL gave a low fine for this so they probably don’t see it as deliberate.

  7. so he gets fined but still gets to play. I say if a player is fined for injuring a player he should be suspended until that player can return, if season ended or career ending the rest of season, this way both teams lose a player.

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