Josh McCown eyes coaching at the NFL level, eventually

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As Josh McCown officially joins his 13th professional team, the 41-year-old quarterback knows what he’d like to do when his NFL playing career ends. He’d like to coach pro football.

“I believe so,” McCown told reporters on Friday when asked about a career in coaching, at the NFL level. “If you’d asked me that 10 years ago, I would’ve said no way, that’s not what I want to do at this level. My dream coming out of college had I not been able to play in the NFL was to coach high school football here in Texas. I really thought that was going to be my path. But the longer I’ve been in this game and been around these guys, I see real value in being able to be a part of an organization and compete at the highest level. Yeah, absolutely. When that day comes, I could definitely see myself doing that and hopefully just be able to get in and serve a team and help them. Help them in the pursuit of getting better daily and obviously chasing a championship. Yeah, one of these days whenever that happens, whenever I finally take the cleats off, I definitely see that in the future.”

His present consists of playing for a team in his home state for the first time in a career that began in 2002. To get there, he had to exit the Eagles’ practice squad.

“It was hard to talk to Philly and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to go do this with the Texans.’ But, at the end of the day I knew my heart wanted to be in a building with the guys and just doing that from a distance – while it was good, it’s not the same. So, that was the biggest thing.”

McCown has talked about coaching in the past. As he gets closer and closer (we think) to the post-playing portion of this career, it’s time to be thinking about potential landing spots for coaching with an NFL team. Maybe, in Houston, he’ll do enough to attract the attention of the incoming coaching staff, whoever may be leading it.

6 responses to “Josh McCown eyes coaching at the NFL level, eventually

  1. He’d probably already be a head Coach somewhere if he’d just grow up already and stop choosing to be the backup QB for every team that calls him.

  2. This guy seems like a really great locker room ra-ra guy and that can only work so long on the coaching level.

  3. There’s no reason to really doubt his potential as a coach in the future. Every time he was called up as a backup, he kept his team in the game. So he knows football and has a reputation of someone guys look up to and respect.

  4. Every team needs a good reliable backup and McCowan’s been one for a lot of years. It’s a shame that he just didn’t have enough talent to be a franchise QB.

  5. The number one thing that most great coaches had was a HOF QB. McCown should start studying up on scouting college QB’s and trying to gain an advantage in evaluating potential QB’s. As we see, they don’t all get drafted in the correct order, and many HOF QB’s weren’t even drafted in the first round. I’ve seen a lot of great coaches get fired because they didn’t have a good enough QB. Even if you’re known as the greatest coach of all time, that can quickly turn around if your HOF QB leaves. Most NFL coaches are great coaches, and capable of winning. The difference between a winning coach and a losing coach is largely his QB.

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