Baker Mayfield told Nick Chubb not to score in the huddle

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Browns running back Nick Chubb, in his first game since Week Four, delivered the dagger for home team by not scoring a touchdown. When was the decision made that Chubb would pass on a clear and easy touchdown?

“It was made in the huddle, and I got the call from Baker [Mayfield] to if we get a first down or anything, let’s just end the game and not score,” Chubb told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 10-7 win. “There an opportunity for me to do that and that’s what I did.”

So how hard was it for Chubb to see the end zone right there and not carry the ball into it?

“It was tough,” Chubb said, “but I’m a team player, so I decided to just win the game and not worry about stats and get the win and go home.”

If it was tough then, it won’t get any easier when Chubb sees what the haters on social media have to say about losing an easy six points for their fantasy teams. (Not to mention the gamblers who took Cleveland giving anywhere from 3 to 4.5 points.)

“It won’t faze me,” he said. “At the end of the day, we got the win and that’s what matters most.”

Indeed it does. And now the Browns have run their record to 6-3. Based on the schedule, 10 wins can indeed be in the cards for the Browns, which likely would deliver the franchise’s first playoff berth since 2002.

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  1. “If it was tough then, it won’t get any easier when Chubb sees what the haters on social media have to say about losing an easy six points for their fantasy teams.“

    Those people are complete losers.

  2. If Chubb was really smart, he wouldn’t be swimming in the social media cesspool anyway.

  3. It’s not like every web site, including this one, is constantly mentioning and reinforcing the betting angles and fantasy aspect…

    I like football as entertainment. The more it slides into the cesspool of side interests, plus me-first mega-contracts and billionaire owners squeezing more money from the public, the less good it all feels.

  4. Chubb IS a team player, and I don’t believe for a second Todd Gurley didn’t want to score that TD. Gurley’s future is very cloudy with injuries and lackluster performance he needs all the stats he can get because his team is doomed.

  5. Nick Chubb or Baker Mayfield, one of those millionaires, owes me $100. I had my loveable Browns, -3.5, with my, uh, wagering consultant. I had the bet counted as lost, then I’m jumpin’ up down with Chubb’s every stride, then swearing a blue streak. Damn.

  6. Still the humble guy from the first episode of Hard Knocks with the Browns that was just talking to people at the airport like he wasn’t an NFL player. He and Miles Garrett just blow me away with their “I’m just a regular dude and I’d rather help my team win over padding my stats” attitudes since even with that attitude they’re still two of the best at their positions.

  7. Look at Baker Mayfield all jealous, he didn’t throw any TDs himself so he doesn’t want his teammates padding their stats late in the game!!! I’m kidding but in all seriousness if you only pass for 132YDs against the freaking Texans you have some real problems as a QB1 in the NFL. If Mayfield would of went in late round 1 or the top of round 2 people wouldn’t talk about him so much and would expect him to go on to have an Andy Daltonesque type of a career. Problem is Dalton was drafted #1 overall, Baker Mayfield was and for a #1 overall pick he’s been a bust thus far. I don’t expect Mayfield to ever be a top 5-10 QB, he’ll always be an average top 14-18 type QB until he starts regressing and then like Dalton and Flacco he will go onto a backup QB2 role. Mayfield just isn’t good enough to be the QB the BRowns expected him to be when they took him number one overall.

  8. Billymadsion85, Winds blowing 40 MPH down on the field. Blowing in from all angles. What do you expect. When you can run for over 200 yds why rick a pass. Smart call from Baker telling Chubb not to score. We run out the clock and not giveWatson the ball back in his hands

  9. Browns in losses 98 pass plays 71 Runs 58% pass. okay not bad compared to other teams
    That is 32.7 pass attempts to 23.7 Rush att a game. Sacks count under Pass plays.
    in the Browns wins 128 passes 208 Runs 38.1% pass.

    The teams that have completed their games for the week plus the Falcons

    Bucs 7-3 40 pass attempts a game. That has burned them a couple times especially
    against the Saints, and in the Loss to the Bears.

    Falcons 3-6 41.2 Pass att a game. Washington 2-7 40.8 Pass attempts
    Browns got a win against Washington when they stopped running it. It is not Dwayne
    Haskins that is the Problem it is Scott Turner Norvs pass happy son.

    Jags 1-8 40.9 pass att a game. Eagles 3-5-1 42.1 pass attemmpts a game.
    The Eagles are 0-3-1 when a team Rushes less then 20 times. 0-3 when they do it
    they played the Bengals another team that loses because they pass way too much.
    A lot of these Coordinators or Head coaches who actually call plays have learned.
    Guys like Putrid Pat Shurmur the Former Horrid Browns HC have not.
    the only time his offense was any good was in Minnesota when coming off a 3-6 record taking
    over for Norv Turner as OC who fired himself after a 5-2 Start I firmly believe
    Mike Zimmer told him run the ball or your fired. another very bad Coach for the browns
    John Defillipo took over for Shurmur when he got the Giants job did the usual Shurmur playcalling got Fired.
    The Browns do not have the Greatest defense in the world since they got rid of Joe Schobert who they absolutely should have kept.
    When the Weather gets cold in November and December you need to run the ball and play defense especially in the AFC Central/ AFC North.
    I never liked the Dome Stadiums.
    It hurts you when you have to play in the Elements.
    Plus look it up the Minnesota Vikings had very few bad teams
    and went to the Superbowl 4 times playing outdoors they have not been back since.
    The Browns had not defeated the Texans in a long time and they were playing against the QB they should have 100% drafted. The Browns were 3-7 in their History against the Texans
    2002 Browns won 2005 Browns Won at end of 2004 season. 2005, 2006 Texans won
    Browns last win before today was 2007. The Team that runs the ball and is more balanced
    Run balanced to Run heavy has won every single game in the series.

  10. It’s winter time in NE Ohio. Browns better learn quickly this is a run First built team! Got another win and go Brownies!

  11. I’ve got Nick Chubb on one of my fantasy teams and don’t have any problem with him not scoring. Just sayin’…

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