Buccaneers will shake up offensive line

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One loss typically doesn’t prompt a team to make major changes. But the loss sustained by the Buccaneers last Sunday night felt like a lot more than just one loss.

And so the Bucs are making a major change on the offensive line. With guard Ali Marpet out this week due to a concussion, center Ryan Jensen moves to guard and AQ Shipley takes over as center.

“The hope is that communication increases across the line with a Bruce Arians favorite in Shipley,” Ian Rapoport of NFL Media tweets.

While Shipley may be a B.A. favorite, a change like this won’t be made unless TB12 wants it. And it’s entirely possible that Tom Brady has become disillusioned with Jensen. Remember when Brady was throwing a fit in the second half of the Thursday night loss to the Bears? The guy on the receiving end of Brady’s wrath was Jensen.

Lack of protection clearly impacted the Bucs last Sunday night, as explained by former NFL quarterback (and Brady understudy) Matt Cassel of NBC Sports Boston during a Friday visit to PFT PM. The Buccaneers, despite winning six of nine games, are taking significant steps to change that, nudging the starting center out of the way in the hopes of doing a better job of ensuring that defensive players don’t get to Brady before he can get rid of the ball.

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  1. Hopefully the new center can snap the ball to the QB more accurately than Jensen. The number of mental and physical errors he’s made this season wouldn’t endear him to any QB.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how Shipley does. I haven’t been impressed by Jensen so far. Bad snaps, protection errors, and he allows himself to be baited into altercations causing penalties. Let’s see if a stint at guard helps.

    Look at how many guys Brady has worked with over his 20 years. He works well with anybody who works hard and plays right. Jensen hasn’t been living up to those requirements yet.

  3. Just be glad your not playing behind the Bears O-line, and like the idiots in Chicago keep playing the same linemen hoping they all of a sudden get it !

  4. I’ll bet they moved Jensen to Marpets spot was because Joe Haeg was a revolving door last week. Nothing to do with a rift between Brady and Jensen.

  5. deadinbed says:
    November 15, 2020 at 10:02 am
    Shocker. Only Brady’s guys get to play. Why do they have a head coach?
    How are any of the OL “Brady’s guys” lol. It literally says Shipley is BA’s guy, and all they did was shuffle the OL because of injury not get rid of someone.

    Brady’s guy or not, last week’s OL performance was not good, so this shakeup is needed right now.

  6. Finally! I swear Ryan Jensen is just the latest in a long line of miscasts at center in recent Bucs history

  7. Somewhere BB is chuckling. He’s got a 6th round pick rookie at guard playing like an all pro.

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