If Romeo Crennel stays as Texans coach, will Jack Easterby continue to be the G.M.?

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The Sunday Splash! headline: Romeo Crennel may coach the Texans in 2021.

The inevitable implication: Jack Easterby may have found yet another accountability loophole.

Easterby serves as both executive V.P. of football operations and interim G.M. in Houston, despite a stunning lack of relevant credentials for the job — and real questions about possible embellishment of his football background and experience. If the pandemic prevents the Texans from engaging in a full-blown coaching search (a ridiculous proposition, frankly, given the way American business has necessarily adapted to the absence of handshakes and close-talking), then it also prevents the Texans from engaging in a full-blown G.M. search.

So if Crennel keeps the coaching job in 2021, Easterby likely keeps the G.M. job — technically on an interim basis.

It’s a genius move by Easterby, who despite his lack of football chops has demonstrated an uncanny ability to amass and build power within a football organization led by an owner who has taken a shine to Easterby. Although it’s far safer for Easterby to keep his neck off the chopping block by remaining in the ultimate take-credit-for-winning-avoid-blame-for-losing position of executive V.P. of football operations, he may be engineering a no-risk opportunity to give the G.M. job a whirl.

If it works, he sticks. If/when it fails, he says, “Well, I was never supposed to be the G.M. anyway,” and he goes back to being executive V.P. of football operations.

Easterby’s possible effort to finagle the G.M. job beyond 2020 comes at a time when more questions about credential inflation have emerged. Cody Stoots of SI.com recently noted that Easterby’s biography with an organization known as The Greatest Champion claimed as of February 2020 that Easterby had been “entrusted with dozens of head coaching searches at both power five and mid major universities for multiple sports.”

By October 2020 (after questions emerged here regarding potential puffery in Easterby’s online bio with the Texans), someone had changed “dozens” to “over 50.”

Currently, The Greatest Champion website is in “maintenance mode,” with none of its content visible publicly.

Easterby’s supposedly vast experience in searching for coaches won’t matter if the Texans don’t plan to engage in an actual coaching search after the current season ends. That specific part of his background could become relevant as soon as 2022, if the Texans decide at that point to finally search for a new head coach and a new General Manager, easing Easterby back into a position where he can wield power and influence without actual accountability for wins and losses.

6 responses to “If Romeo Crennel stays as Texans coach, will Jack Easterby continue to be the G.M.?

  1. This is quickly becoming the worse job in the NFL. The team is nothing outside of Watson which might make this job even worse as fans feel they should be winning now. They need to completely rebuild as their blue chip players like JJ Watt are now past their prime. With no 1st or 2nd rounders this year the next coach will be fired shortly as well. They need to create cap space and somehow get some draft picks. They will instead scramble in FA paying guys who won’t give you what a rookie can in value and the team will continue to fail. The owner is clueless and after recent event will have trouble getting players to play for him.

  2. Lazy reorganization…need to get rid of current GM.. hire a new one, and let him hire his HC.

  3. Romeo Crennel will NOT be the next Texans coach. It amazes me you still take anything Ian Rapoport says seriously

  4. People can debate the merits of Crennel as a head coach all they want. Make no mistake though, Crennel will be making the majority of the personnel moves if gets the job full time not Easterby. I’m not here to defend his head coaching record. It’s just fact that he respected as a leader, mentor throughout the league and he’s been doing it for 40 years.

  5. I think the Texans keep Romeo, as one poster has already said, because I doubt any up&coming coach would want to take the Texans HC job right now. The Texans have zero draft capital and an aging roster. So more than likely one more down year for the Texans and then they get some picks back, probably a high one with Crennel at the helm, and with Deshaun at QB it is a much more appealing job the season after next.

  6. Just bring back Bill O’Brian as GM. He was our favorite trading partner.

    Respectfully signed,

    The AZ Cardinals

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