Joe Judge: You can see improvement in Daniel Jones from week to week

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Giants quarterback Daniel Jones turned the ball over in each of the Giants’ first eight games this season and the Giants went 1-7 in those contests.

He hasn’t turned the ball over the last two weeks and the Giants are on a two-game winning streak. Jones ran for a 34-yard touchdown to kick off the scoring in the 27-17 win and completed 21-of-28 passes for 244 yards through the air as the Giants moved closer to the Eagles in the NFC East.

After the game, Giants head coach Joe Judge was asked what he’s learned about Jones in these performances. He said he hasn’t learned anything because he’s known the quarterback is capable of this kind of play.

“We want to play aggressive with Daniel,” Judge said. “He’s done a heckuva job of making plays when we need it and making better decisions. He’s a young player who’s developing, he’s learning a lot every week. You can see his improvement week to week.”

Judge defended Jones’ aggressiveness in the days leading up to the game, but the bye week should feature fewer questions about the quarterback and more musing about what the division race will look like once they’re back on the field.

4 responses to “Joe Judge: You can see improvement in Daniel Jones from week to week

  1. Given how Carson Wentz is playing, at some point the Eagles need to connsider trading him.
    His salary drops to 25M, 23M, 25M, 26M which is too much. The Eagles will have to eat some of that.
    Alternatively they can cut him because his contract contains onerous guarantees.

  2. Jim Schwartz said earlier last week they wouldn’t allow Daniel Jones to run all over them again.

    But then Schwartz’s defense (which was seemingly as-befuddled by Jason Garrett as they were Sean McVay) allowed Daniel Jones free access to the endzone.

    Cox may not be toast but he should’ve been traded… SO overpaid at this point.
    Maddox is not a starter, I’m sorry. MAYBE as a nickelback, but Cra’Von tackles better.

    I may need to remove my shoes to count how many times the Eagles’ D doubled up one of the flats in this game, too.

    After a freaking bye week THIS is what Pederson & Schwartz could muster up???

    P.S. – Carson is broken. Say what you want about the Oline and supporting cast but he doesn’t play like a champion. AT BEST he finds ONE receiver who gets open and then targets him the rest of the game. Otherwise EVERY FREAKING FIRST HALF Philly is spotting the opponents a lead and Carson figures out how to derail drives time and time again. It doesn’t matter HOW it happens… it happens, again and again and again. Carson’s perpetual ‘every play is its own story’ story is so tired and indicative of him failing to own his responsibilities.

    P.P.S. – Best play of the game for Philly? Carson throwing it away.. he may be cracking double digits on those “live for another down” moments in his at-best-Romo-like-NOTHING-career.


  3. Can we talk about the culture that Joe Judge is building in New York? Holy. If the Eagles lose this division Wentz and Pederson need to be gone.

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