Kyler Murray knew Hail Mary had a good chance when he let it go


Before tonight, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray had never connected on a Hail Mary, at any level of the sport. With the game against the Bills on the line, Murray made it happen with a long throw to receiver DeAndre Holpkins.

Murray spoke to PFT by phone after the 32-30 win about the memorable throw and catch.

“I definitely thought it had a chance when I let it go,” Murray said. “Just the feeling of it. When I rolled out, the play was designed to roll out to the left, [I] had to make somebody miss then just give the best shooter in the league a chance. And he came down with the ball. . . . I knew when I let it go, I think I was facing the sideline after I let it go, so I’m literally looking at my teammates. But I knew when I let it go, I thought it had a good chance. Every quarterback kind of has that feeling when you let it go whether it’s good or not. Like I said, it felt good, and it went in.”

Indeed it did. He said they practice it every week, but not against a defense. They needed it today, and it pushed the Cardinals into a three-way tie with the Rams and Seahawks for first place in the NFC West.

On Thursday night, the Cardinals and Seahawks play again. Earlier this year, they had a classic that consumed nearly all 10 minutes of overtime, before the Cardinals won.

31 responses to “Kyler Murray knew Hail Mary had a good chance when he let it go

  1. Glad it worked as I needed Buffalo to lose. But to make a statement that “you knew it had a good chance” is a bit of a reach. It was a total luck play and is every time someone does it. It’s a bit arrogant to say otherwise.

  2. That game of the week should have been flexed by the NFL… It certainly lived up to its billing.

    Kyler and this Cardinals team is something else! I know Simms is not a believer, but don’t give up on them…

    It’s past time to include Kyler within the MVP discussions.


  3. Pound-for-pound, this guy’s the best player in football right now. Somewhere Josh Rosen is just shaking his head. It all happened so fast.

  4. In other news, he knows what this week’s powerball numbers are…really he feels these things

  5. With an answer like that this guy is not only a great teammate but more importantly has a future in politics!

  6. That WAS fun and exciting. As an East Coast guy, and the Pats playing tonight, I got to watch this game. Not only is Murray tremendous on his feet, but that last play was tremendous. Running to his left, throwing off 1 foot. Hopkins is no slouch either. THRILLING!

  7. He is a totally amazing athlete! I just wonder what kind of magic he could have brought to Oakland with the Athletics. Hopefully some day he will do a “Bo!”

  8. Um, yea. Sure he did. I have some awesome waterfront property down in Fla. . Really chesp. Great buy. Anybody want to buy some?

  9. There were about 9 plays: penalties or bonehead plays that even put the game that close. Bills fans know that Josh Allen & the Bills aren’t a finished or polished product yet. The hope is that they improve upon the mistakes made in this game and finish the season strong and show up ready for the playoffs.

  10. The praise on that play should go to Hopkins and only Hopkins. When and if Murray’s legs go, he’ll be an average QB at best.

  11. Mhm. You thought a pass, on the run, to a reciever in triple coverage ‘had a good chance’
    Suuuuuuure you did.

  12. I feel like everybody is giving Kyler a little too much credit with the whole “Hail Murray” christening. That play was all on Nuke. Three defenders and it’s the Bills D? You gotta be kidding me. Stafford used to take those triple coverage gambles on the regular but much like today, those plays were all on the WR.

  13. What a great scramble and throw and what a catch!! Two great athletes doing great things. As a football fan, you have to admire what they did on that play even if you’re not a Cards fan.

  14. you know, i don’t understand how a DC knowing the other side has to throw a desperate pass to one of the top three receivers of his generation how that ever happens;

    i would’ve told my defenders to pull DeAndre down if it meant tearing his clothes off LONG before he got near the end zone, rushed five guys in ZONES after Murray and played nine defensive backs—ten, if i were Belichick and so could’ve gotten away with it;

    if Murray could’ve beat me then with a HM, then i would’ve known it was God masquerading as Kyler Murray;

  15. There were about 9 plays: penalties or bonehead plays that even put the game that close. Bills fans know that Josh Allen & the Bills aren’t a finished or polished product yet. The hope is that they improve upon the mistakes made in this game and finish the season strong and show up ready for the playoffs.


    Yeah, so the Bills beat themselves, is that it?
    Funny, I saw some penalties and boneheaded plays on the AZ side that put the Bills in a position to be ahead in the game.

    Tell you what the Bills really need to correct, the whole defense….they are giving up 26 points game. Thats horrid. If they dont get that corrected, they get bounced pretty early in the playoffs.

  16. It took a super human effort from Murray. It took a super human (although normal for him) effort from Hopkins. And it took a lousy effort from the defense. But Arizona has to be feeling pretty good about the direction their team is going. It’s exciting, to say the least.

  17. Lies lies lies. The Bills defenders ineptness is the only reason it was completed.

  18. Few people have said it was Bills D problem. You would like to see them knock the ball away, but watching it a few times, Hopkins just out-jumped all three of them. They were in good position- sometimes people just make better plays. The PI rules make it harder for defenders on these plays now, it used to be nothing would ever get called on these plays.

  19. As a Cards season ticket holder since 88’ when they arrived in the Valley, I’ve seen more than my share of bad football. On a rare occasion I’ve witnessed great athletes overcome and win despite their circumstances. This year’s team, has that intangible, which translates to last minute wins and hopefully playoff victories. Murray, Hopkins, Baker have overcome poor play calling to change the course of a game. If it weren’t for Kingsbury, who is gaining a rep for choking in big moments, this team could be 8 and 1, and would have comfortably won last nights game. I just pray Kingsbury’s ego to prove he belongs, doesn’t undermine the obvious talent the front office has brought to our team.

  20. This kid plays tough like Russel Wilson. I have included him on my favorite QB list… Brady, Mahomes, Herbert, now Murray. When Brady retires, there’ll still be excitement in football. Hopefully they won’t just be one season wonders.

  21. The only thing holding this squad back is a DC who has no idea what hes doing. Shootouts are fun to watch, but don’t expect to score 30+ every week in the playoffs. Go Cards!

  22. I am just wondering… If it was a “Hail Mary” shouldn’t there have been more than just Hopkins down there? Seems more like a WR in triple coverage. It was a good catch though

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