NFL may discipline Saints for violating COVID-19 protocols

Getty Images

The Saints posted videos on social media showing their locker room celebration after beating the Buccaneers on Sunday night, apparently failing to realize that they were giving the NFL evidence that they weren’t following the league’s COVID-19 protocols.

Now the NFL is considering significant discipline against the Saints, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, thanks to videos showing many Saints players and coaches violating the rules about social distancing and wearing masks in the locker room.

The Saints’ discipline is expected to be similar to what the league did to the Raiders, which was a $500,000 fine for the franchise, a $150,000 fine for head coach Jon Gruden, and the forfeiture of a sixth-round draft pick.

Like Gruden and the Raiders, Sean Payton and the Saints have already been fined $100,000 and $250,000, respectively, for a previous violation of the league’s COVID-19 rules. The NFL doesn’t look kindly on repeat violations, and as COVID-19 cases reach an all-time high across America, the league is going to do everything in its power to prevent an outbreak.