Nick Boyle carted off with knee injury

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The Ravens lost tight end Nick Boyle in the third quarter with what appears to be a serious knee injury.

Boyle was carted off the field.

With 6:04 remaining in the third quarter, Boyle caught a 4-yard pass from Lamar Jackson and took a shot to the knee from linebacker Terez Hall as his leg twisted awkwardly. The Patriots immediately signaled to the Ravens bench for medical help for Boyle.

The Ravens have ruled him out.

Boyle’s departure leaves only Mark Andrews at the position for the Ravens.

After his 4-yard catch Sunday, Boyle now has 13 catches for 113 yards and two touchdowns for the season.

The Ravens also ruled out defensive tackle Brandon Williams, who injured his ankle in the first half. Cornerback Terrell Bonds (knee) is doubtful to return.

6 responses to “Nick Boyle carted off with knee injury

  1. It was brutal. The announcers glossed right passed it which was kind of odd. Just as ugly as when Dak got hurt.

  2. No need to show it multiple times, different angles, etc… pretty nasty, knee it right away. Injuries suck

  3. Anyone watching grimaced even before they waived for the sideline to come in. His leg got double tweaked by both the hit and the turf.
    Hoping for the best for Boyle.

    -Pats Fan.

  4. I hope it’s not as bad as it looked. Legs and ankles just aren’t designed to bend that way.

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