Nick Chubb leads Browns to 10-7 win over Texans

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Neither wind nor rain nor hail nor the Texans stayed Nick Chubb from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

In a game delayed 37 minutes by weather and played in a strong wind, Chubb returned to action with a 100-yard game and Myles Garrett wreaked havoc on defense as the Browns held on for a 10-7 win over the Texans. Cleveland moved to 6-3, while Houston fell to 2-7.

Chubb and Kareem Hunt provided the expected 1-2 punch as the Browns rushed for 231 yards, which was only 12 yards less than the Texans had as a team. Chubb, who was returning from a knee injury that kept him out four games, ran for 126 yards and the game’s only touchdown on 19 carries.

He could have scored another touchdown with less than a minute remaining, breaking loose down the sideline. Chubb, though, intentionally stepped out at the 1-yard line for a 59-yard gain that allowed the Browns to kneel down twice for a victory without the Texans seeing the ball again.

Hunt rushed for 104 yards on 19 carries.

On a rough day for the quarterbacks, Pharaoh Brown scored the Texans’ only touchdown on a 16-yard pass by Deshaun Watson with 4:59 left. But Houston never got the ball back because it couldn’t stop Chubb and Hunt.

Houston reached the Cleveland 2 and Cleveland 24 on two of its four first-half drives. Garrett tackled Watson for a 2-yard loss on fourth-and-goal from the Cleveland 2 early in the second quarter. The Texans shot themselves in the foot after reaching the Cleveland 24. Facing a second-and-seven, Sheldon Richardson and Larry Ogunjobi split a sack of Watson. A delay of game and an incompletion then led to a punt.

8 responses to “Nick Chubb leads Browns to 10-7 win over Texans

  1. Chubb is classy and smart, running out of bounds at the 1 to hold posession. Ugly weather game, but you still gotta win those.

  2. Question: if Chubb takes a knee at the one, gives himself up and doesn’t try to advance the ball, the clock still runs? (except maybe to move the chains?) Isn’t this a better idea than running out of bounds and stopping the clock? I know it happened at 59 seconds, and Texas had no time outs, so it’s moot, but I was wondering about the rules. It might come into play in a different situation.

  3. To the question above the answer is no. Slowing down to take a knee allows any defensive player in pursuit to catch up and possibly punch the ball out. Going out of bounds protects the player and the kneel down on the next play ends the game without chancing a fumble or injury.

  4. I think we saw Chubb perfect the Gurley play but I can’t ever pass the weekly opportunity to reemphasize how much Bill O’Brien butchered this team. The Texans are gonna be such an unattractive job for GMs and HCs alike.

  5. Mrfrostyj, I’m sure that’s the thinking, but I thought there was a rule about giving up. IE, when a player intercepts in the end zone, he can scoot around a bit to see if he can run out, but can then just take a knee and the play is over; touchback. No one is allowed to pile on after he takes a knee to punch the ball out. All you really have to do is lie down with the ball held close and the first touch makes you down, so no real chance to punch it out. Just wondering.

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