Raiders blow out Broncos

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The Raiders continued their march toward the playoffs with a 37-12 beatdown of the Broncos today.

The Las Vegas defense dominated Broncos quarterback Drew Lock, intercepting him four times and keeping him from doing much of anything until a late garbage-time touchdown pass. After struggling for most of this season, the Raiders’ defense looked very good today.

Derek Carr didn’t do much, finishing with 154 passing yards, but all the Raiders needed from him was to avoid mistakes, and he did that, with no interceptions, no fumbles and no sacks. Raiders running back Josh Jacobs had 21 carries for 112 yards and two touchdowns, while Devontae Booker added 16 carries for 81 yards and two more touchdowns.

Las Vegas improves to 6-3 on the season, and the Raiders have a great chance of earning one of the three AFC wild card berths. Denver falls to 3-6, and the Broncos are facing some tough questions about whether Lock is the franchise quarterback they need.

27 responses to “Raiders blow out Broncos

  1. I’m very confused. All the experts were adamant that Denver’s offense would have their way with our defense, and roll right over us. Yet here we are. Could it be that all these blowholes are not quite as “expert” as they self-proclaim???

  2. Raiders have three back ups on the offensive line and they’re still running all over everybody, that’s a good sign

  3. So can all the Bronco bandwagon supporters stop now with the Drew Lock and Broncos look like they are ready to challenge the Chiefs for the AFC West talk? You guys bought into all the so called “experts” saying how promising the Broncos looked. Funny how the “experts” can tell a young QB has what it takes to make it in the NFL after playing 4 or 5 meaningless games at the end of the year.

  4. That game was nowhere near as close as I thought it would be, given Denver’s recent pluckiness. So glad we got the win either way. Go Raiders!

  5. Just think if the O line have had their regular 5 starters all year? Shout out to Tom Cable for doing some great coaching

  6. I’ll answer the question about Lock for the Broncos; is not a franchise QB and is a turnover machine. Fangio’s D gives up yards and points in bunches, young QB is in massive regression and Elway runs the Broncos further into the ditch with each passing year. At least the Chargers have a young QB that looks to be the real deal despite the team circling the drain, what do you look forward to in Denver?

  7. Broncos fan here. It was like throwing a baby rabbit in a pit bull cage! The score could have been worse.

  8. Offensively the Raiders are a Swiss army knife. If the defense can keep improving they are capable of beating anybody.

  9. I called this game to be 31-17 Raiders and a garbage time TD of the Broncos. I wasn’t too far off.

    Warning- I also called before the season Denver going 5-11. Lmao.

    Stick a fork in that enfranchise. Strip it down. Playoffs in 2025……. maybe

  10. Raider fans talk a lot of smack for a team with 1 winning season and 1 playoff appearance in the past 18 seasons. That said… Broncos are trash right now. Fire Elway, Fangio, Shurmur, the whole lot of them.

  11. Please keep (Sm)Elway as GM forever! Love it when a Hall of Fame quaterback is completely unable for over a decade to draft even a reasonably competent QB. Keep those hits coming, Johnny!

  12. Elway GM’s like Jordan, can’t evaluate talent to save his life.

    Middling talent that had to work their butt off just to make the league, those are the guys who make the best coaches/GMs

  13. So Drew Lock. Not a franchise QB. Him, Fangio and Elway all have to go. Props to the Raiders for re-emphasizing this. P.s. I hope you guys win the West

  14. Didn’t get caught in the denver trap ahead of KC next sunday night! Not sure if we can sweep the chiefs but even with a loss 6-4 looks pretty damn good, catch your balls! the loss to the ravens and bills helps a lot! BEAT THE CHIEFS!!!

  15. I would like to thank Elway for shipping Booker over to us. He ran all over his former team yesterday and it was glorious.

  16. we have improved, but need to get healthy. Missed Miller , Brown, and Incognito up front, and Ingold in the backfield. Good to get first rd pick Arnette back, as teams were picking on Lawson the past few weeks. Heath seems to be a better fit than Harris at safety. Littleton hopefully can be back next week. Once we can get everybody on the field -, should be able to control the time of possession.

    Go Raiders!!!

  17. Raiders are much better at this point in the season than I thought they would be. I expect a loss in the re-match against the Chiefs but if they can finish with a winning record and make the playoffs then I’ll be willing to give props to Gruden although I still dislike him.

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