Rams hand Seahawks 23-16 loss

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It’s getting tight in the NFC West.

The Rams turned Russell Wilson over three times and kept the Seahawks Offense in check for a 23-16 win on Sunday. The victory lifts their record to 6-3 on the season, which is the same record as the Seahawks.

Arizona joined them at the top of the division by beating the Bills on a Hail Mary catch by DeAndre Hopkins, so the stage is still set for an entertaining stretch run in the division.

Jared Goff completed 27-of-37 passes for 302 yards over the course of the afternoon and the Rams scored three rushing touchdowns as they controlled the ball for more than 33 minutes of action. Efficient as their offense was, the win came thanks to a strong effort from their defense.

Wilson was picked off twice by Darious Williams and he lost a fumble in the second half of the game. He was held without a touchdown pass for the first time this season and DK Metcalf didn’t have a catch during the first half of the game. He’d catch a couple a draw a pass interference flag on Jalen Ramsey in the second half, but Wilson missed him on a deep shot that could have changed the outlook of the game.

Leonard Floyd had three of the Rams’ six sacks, two tackles for loss, and recovered Wilson’s fumble to help spearhead Los Angeles’ defensive effort. The Seahawks only picked up 333 yards on the day bad outing leaves Wilson with seven turnovers over the last two weeks and the Seahawks with back-to-back losses.

Seattle will face those Cardinals in a pivotal Week 11 matchup. The Rams will be headed to Tampa for a matchup with the Buccaners that will have import for both team’s playoff chances.

They will likely have to play that one without left tackle Andrew Whitworth. He left with a knee injury that looked like it could have been a season-ender for the veteran blocker.

32 responses to “Rams hand Seahawks 23-16 loss

  1. Relative success is the only option for the Rams, wether they earn it or not.

  2. I loved it in the Packers-Seahawks playoff game last year when GB earned the game-sealing 1st down and Carroll threw a tantrum like a 2 year old whose mom wouldn’t buy him that toy.

  3. “Relative success is the only option for the Rams, wether they earn it or not.”

    Saints fans can start getting their paper bags ready to put over their heads. The playoffs are coming.

  4. Ken Norton Jr. has got to go. And I ask again – what is Tre Flowers doing in the NFL? As for Russ, he’d be better served to focus on his craft as opposed to politicking. Not a fan of his stances.

  5. Wilson has been struggling lately. Seattle’s defense actually didn’t do too bad, but Russell had another stinker. That NFC West is going to be nail biter.

  6. Marcellus Wiley just might have pegged Russell Wilson: he will play his way out of the MVP race.
    Pete didn’t want to go for it on 4th and 2 inches? He’s 0-2 since his contract extension.

  7. A lot of people will count the Chicken Hawks out but they are still tied with everyone in their division. Despite my abhorrence to this team, so long as the Ewok has the ball in his hands they have a chance.

    You got to play down the whistle for 60 minutes in order to beat them. Still, always fun to watch them lose and hear the silence of their trolls.

  8. MVPs don’t lose 2 of their first 3 division games.
    With all the youth in the NFC West, the Seahawks may be the odd man out with an aging coach, who is a defensive specialist, to which there is no defense whatsoever.

  9. 1) Rams have the Seahawks number; Wilson is 7-10 against them.
    2) Darius Williams was the star of the game.
    3) Say it Mike! Say it! Jared Goff outplayed Russell Wilson, and it wasn’t even close.
    4) Rams D is legit, especially in the second half.

  10. dangerruss1919 says:
    November 15, 2020 at 7:48 pm
    Ken Norton Jr. has got to go. And I ask again – what is Tre Flowers doing in the NFL? As for Russ, he’d be better served to focus on his craft as opposed to politicking. Not a fan of his stances


    I’m sure he is both hurt you don’t agree with his stances and his politicking made him throw picks. LOL

  11. But wait isn’t Pete the smartest guy in the room? Wahahahaha… Hey Pete it’s first and goal with the best running back in football what’s the call? I know throw a pass over the middle

  12. There are a lot of people talking in here that are fans of teams that never do anything. Every team goes through slumps. Pete needs to be held accountable by somebody. He wanted all of these kids that aren’t as talented as what they’ve had in the past and he and Norton haven’t adjusted at all.

    Wilson is trying to do too much. The offense should get better once Carson and/or Hyde gets back. Seattle will still be a playoff team just because the East is so bad, but I’d be surprised if they get past the divisional round.

  13. I still trust Russell but he’s made some awful decisions the last few games. He has no margin for error here on out.

  14. The Cardinals may have shown the blueprints how to slow down the Seahawks…

    The Cardinals started bringing the house at him the the second half of their game ( after allowing the Seahawks to do whatever they wanted in the first half)

    The pressure turned the tide… the Seahawks offense is now being pressures every week since and the offensive production has dropped precipitously and they are making a ton of mistakes

  15. Does this mean we all get a week off from the NFL beat writers Stuffing Russell Wilson for MVP for another week?

  16. After the turn overs by Russ and Rodgers today I think it’s clear Mahomes is the MVP front runner. If he leads the Chiefs past a hot Raiders in Vegas next Sunday night it won’t be up for debate.

  17. If Seattle doesn’t score 30, they don’t win.

    Too bad the 49ers are a MASH unit, the NFC West would have really been interesting with them in the mix.

  18. Russ can’t be the NFL MVP if he isn’t even the MVP on his own team. They’re 1-3 since Carson got hurt and Russ has played some exceptionally stupid football. That int yesterday where he had the whole field wide open to run in front of him was the dumbest play ever. His ego is so focused on his TD numbers to support his case for MVP, that it’s leading to some really really dumb decisions. He’s trying to get too cute and it’s costing the Seahawks wins. This loss was almost completely on Russ.

    Somebody in Seattle media needs to grow a set and call out Pete Carroll for being the worst in-game coach in the game. I still don’t think he realizes that he has the worst defense in the history of the NFL and refuses to adjust. Really bad football and they can’t afford to lay another egg on Thursday.

  19. The Rams played great…hats off to them…but the Seahawks are still 6-3…a win on Thursday against the Cardinals would be huge….

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