Report: Romeo Crennel has a “strong possibility” of coaching Texans in 2021

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Texans interim head coach Romeo Crennel may get the “interim” label removed in 2021.

Crennel is viewed within the organization as a “strong possibility” to be the permanent head coach next year, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Part of the issue is that the Texans aren’t sure whether the COVID-19 situation will allow for a full-scale coaching search with face-to-face interviews in January. That may give Crennel an edge.

And Crennel is also well liked within the organization, seemingly more so than Bill O’Brien, who won four division titles but was fired after disastrous trades and an 0-4 start.

Jack Easterby, who has been pulling the strings in the Texans’ front office, may also believe he will have more authority with Crennel than he would with a new coach who would want his own way of doing things.

The 73-year-old Crennel is the oldest coach in NFL history. But he may keep the job at age 74.

22 responses to “Report: Romeo Crennel has a “strong possibility” of coaching Texans in 2021

  1. Cleveland here. He is a good man and a good coach. Give him a 2021 extension and let him start from scratch. I promise he will not trade away a stud receiver for chump change.

  2. One of the problems with the NFL is that it’s an old boys club. Same coaches getting different jobs year after year. Every once in awhile we get a young guy like McVay or a Ruhle. But guys like Greg Williams have coached for half the league. I like Romeo Crennel. Obviously a nice guy but if I’m on a search for a new HC in 2021, he’s not on my list of candidates.

  3. Perhaps the Texans didn’t watch the disaster in KC when Romeo was given the head coaching job. Just because the players “like” you isn’t a qualification for head coach. I bet if you asked the majority of player in New England if they actually “liked” Belichick they would tell you no, but they all respected him.

  4. The problem with the Texans is they’ve had the same guys for what seems like 20 years. Is David Carr still the QB? Wipe the slate and start fresh.

  5. This proves that Cal McNair is a terrible owner, doesn’t know what he is doing. The McNairs need to sell this team.

  6. this happenned to the chiefs when pat haley hit the road… i believe the chiefs won 5 games straight with crennel that year…
    the next year i believe it was 2-4 wins for the season.

  7. Terrible idea.

    Chiefs fan and he’s just not head coach material. Can be an amazing DC, but just not good at leading an entire team. Hasn’t bee successful anywhere he’s ben the Head Coach.

  8. If they go this route, it would likely be just to get through 2021. No need to fool with the Rooney Rule. No need to try to jump through the extra hoops that the ‘rona has added to the interviewing process. While coaches don’t count against the cap, teams are still making less money this year and he’ll be inexpensive. And why burden a new head coach with a team that is going nowhere between lack of draft picks and the reduced cap for 2021? The Texans probably see 2021 as already lost and RC is the perfect 1-year-permanent head coach to fall on his sword at the end of it. At least the players like him.

  9. Need new GM and new HC. Easterby needs to go. A clean slate is needed to turn around this team…

  10. Romeo should absolutely be considered. Current Texans are almost exactly the same situation he was in when he took over the Browns and he actually made a winner out of them before being fired because someone had to take the fall for staph infection gate and it wasn’t going to be Browns ownership. I mean Bill Obrian and Butch Davis are practically the same person. In over his head college coach who as coach/GM made piss poor roster decisions resulting in the team basically being sabotaged from the inside.

    Plus he absolutely should have a chance to make up for how the Chiefs screwed him over. Crennel was handcuffed to Scott Pioli and got thrown under the bus because of the idiotic belief back then that Pioli was some type of player personnel genius when all he literally did is give Crennel a team of Patriots backups and third stingers.

  11. I like him on a staff, he’s a great mentor / advisor to have, but too old to be the head coach. Gotta think more long term

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