Russell Wilson: I know better days are ahead

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was held without a touchdown pass for the first time this season and turned the ball over three times in a 23-13 loss to the Rams that knocked Seattle out of first place in the NFC West.

Wilson turned the ball over four times in a Week 9 loss to the Bills, so it’s officially a rough patch for a player who was being talked about as an MVP candidate just a few weeks ago. Wilson was critical of his performance against the Rams, including an interception by Darious Williams in the first half of the game.

It came a couple of plays after a strip-sack of Jared Goff in Rams territory when Wilson chose to throw into the end zone rather than run into a wide open expanse of field in front of him. Wilson acknowledged that he “should’ve taken off and just ran it” while also asserting that he thinks the team can get back on track quickly.

“The reality is I know who I am… I know there are better days ahead,” Wilson said, via Stacy Jo Rost of 710 ESPN.

There’s no time to waste. With the Rams and Cardinals winning, they are now third in the NFC West and they have a date with the Cardinals in Week 11 that will give further shape to the playoff race.

9 responses to “Russell Wilson: I know better days are ahead

  1. Just a god awful performance right after what should’ve been a wake up call game.
    Bad decision after bad decision by both Wilson and the “coaching staff”. And I use the term coaching staff loosely.

  2. Just wondering if he ever thinks about doing what’s best for the team or is it really all about mvp talk and highlights of the week?

  3. Not a good game for Wilson, but the Rams are also way better than I thought they’d be. They went from one year wonder and cap hell to suddenly competitive again.

  4. Wilson has been a streaky player all his career. A few years back he was second in the league in passing at mid-season and there was talk of MVP, but he finished the season ranked around middle of the pack in passing yards. That is quite a big drop in the second half.

    More importantly, he needs a strong running attack to function. Last year he was 1-3 when Carson was put on IR. This season he is 1-3 again when Carson missed 3.5 games. It would appear that Chris Carson is the real MVP of Seattle. Can a player become league MVP if he is not the MVP for his own team?

  5. Indybear says:
    November 15, 2020 at 9:34 pm
    Just wondering if he ever thinks about doing what’s best for the team or is it really all about mvp talk and highlights of the week?
    Why in the world are people down-voting this? This is literally the reason Wilson has been playing so poorly the past 3/4 games. He’s trying to get way too cute to pump his stats up and to make the highlight plays that he’s not making the right plays and taking what’s given to him. The int in the end zone today was a perfect illustration of this. Flat out, his ego is the #1 thing keeping him from an MVP year. He needs to stop with the social justice crap, the podcast, the off the field social celebrity stuff and refocus on football during the season and doing what’s right for the team and not just for his candidacy for the MVP.

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