Sunday Night Football: Patriots rush for 173 yards in 23-17 win over Ravens

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Rex Burkhead, Damien Harris and Cam Newton came up big for the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, leading New England to a 23-17 victory over the Ravens.

The Ravens now are in a second-place tie with the Browns at 6-3, three games behind the undefeated Steelers. They went 14-2 last season. The Patriots aren’t dead yet, remaining in the postseason race with their second consecutive victory in moving to 4-5.

Burkhead caught two first-half touchdown passes, one from Newton and one from receiver Jakobi Meyers on a trick play. Harris had his third career 100-yard game, with 121 yards on 22 carries. Newton threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to Burkhead and ran for a 4-yard touchdown.

Newton has become the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era with nine rushing touchdowns in his first eight games of a season, according to NFL Research. He missed one game with COVID-19. (Kyler Murray had eight touchdowns in eight games before rushing for two more in his ninth game Sunday.)

The Patriots rushed for 173 yards, with Newton throwing for only 118 in a heavy rain. Newton ran for 21 yards and a touchdown on 11 carries, and Burkhead 31 yards on six carries.

Lamar Jackson, the reigning NFL MVP, ran for 55 yards on 11 carries and completed 24 of 34 passes for 249 yards and two touchdowns. The interception he threw to J.C. Jackson before the half with the Ravens in field-goal range proved pivotal.

Willie Snead caught five passes for 64 yards and two touchdowns.

47 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Patriots rush for 173 yards in 23-17 win over Ravens

  1. JC Jackson has been phenomenal! Six interceptions!!!
    Great win in crazy weather!
    Go Pats!!

  2. Well, the Pats just need to stay focused on the 1 game at a time mantra & stay healthy, if they do that I see them in the post season & from there, ANYTHING can happen!!!!
    Go Pats!!!!!!

  3. Not sure how many people here saw RGIII play in his rookie season but he was about three times the QB Lamar is in his third year. Not just as a pure passer, but the way he saw the field. Then came the injury and a spectacular career never was. Point being, if a talent like that didn’t make it, I’ll be very surprised if Jackson is still a starter in two seasons. Sure, if the legs are still there, a rich man’s Tyrod Taylor will find a place to spot start but yeah .. this guy ain’t it.

  4. Great win for the patriots. Jackson started sulking as soon as the Raven’s fell behind. You could see it in his body language. It was probably obvious to the Patriots too.

  5. Best game from Cam since the Covid diagnosis. His chemistry with Meyers is actually spot on. Harris and Burkhead’s big days were because of the O Line beating the Ravens off of almost every snap. The defense kept Lamar contained the whole night take away Andrews and the run game and Ravens have no chance. Glad to be wrong today this was a nice win hope it actually continues.

  6. Nothing to see here. Just the Patriots beating the Ravens AGAIN.

    I believe that makes in NE 10-5 all time regular season and playoffs.

    Baltimore now 1-7 when trailing at the half under Jackson.

    The definition of “front runners”

  7. From stinking against the Jets to smelling like roses against the Ravens for NE, wonder how much lunch money Vegas took from bettors ?

  8. Give credit where credit is due: I thought Lamar played ok tonight given the tough conditions. His pick at the end of the first half was a terrible decision and he did miss his share of throws– the kinds of things that cause him trouble in the playoffs and turn him into a below-average QB in crunch time. But the weather was brutal. At the same time, give the Patriots credit too. They are missing a gazillion starters but they competed hard and Belichick proves yet again he is a phenomenal coach, making lemonade out of lemons.
    If I am a Ravens fan, I am growing very concerned about my offense and defense. The injuries are piling up and in general defenses have adjusted against Lamar. He really struggles once he gets down in a game.

  9. I’m not hurt, mad, or even disappointed. I’m vindicated. I told people this would happen. That’s still Bill Belichick over there. I’ve seen the Ravens win two superbowls but I will die before I see them beat the Patriots at Foxboro in the regular season. Lamar will get some unfair criticism this week. 304 total yards with 249 coming through the air. Two touchdowns. Weather is uncontrollable but when your own center is sabotaging you, that’s impossible to overcome. Admit that he has nothing around him on the offensive line or pass catching wise. Willie Snead and Mark Andrews are the only credible guys out there. That’s two guys. The 10 game road winning streak and streak of games with a defensive turnover ended tonight. They need to get healthy defensively because losing Brandon Williams and Calais Campbell was a severe blow.

  10. Why do fans feel the need to slam an 8 time super bowl winning coach and two QBs that were both Heisman and NFL MVP winners?

    I think all three have proved themselves.

  11. Well, predictably, Ravens Nation has come to Lamar’s defense and making up all kinds of excuses for him again. Dropped balls. Injuries. Lamar can’t catch a break. He played ok– not awful, as he has been for most of this season. Of course, 304 total yards of offense is not good, but this was going to be a tough game for stats given the rain.
    But how much longer are you going to defend him and blame others and fool yourself into thinking you’re “close” to getting the offense rolling?
    It ain’t happening. We’ve seen enough of Lamar. He’s an average overall QB. Great runner, terrible passer, poor decision making, pouts when he doesn’t do well, and prone to bad mistakes in key moments. That’s not a formula that works for a Super Bowl, let alone a playoff win.

  12. Where is all that Ravens’ swagger? Big Truss and all that? What happened to your revolutionary and unstoppable offense… you know, the one that is close to the Jets for the worst in the entire league passing? And #21 in total yards per game?
    Keep telling yourselves it has nothing to do with your QB. It’s not like he gets the ball in his hands on every snap or something like that.

  13. Calling Lamr Jackson a rich mans Tyrod Taylor is an interesting take. I’ve always thought of him as a poor mans Ronnie Brown. Either way, he clearly isn’t an NFL QB.

  14. Jackson is now 1-7 (including the playoffs) when trailing at halftime, and he’s 0-5 in games where the Ravens have trailed by 10 or more points.

  15. Hopefully Nick Boyle is OK. That looked bad. Ravens were a bit sloppy tonight with the ball and the Patriots took advantage. Glad to see them get the win. That team needs some confidence building wins.

  16. This New England squad may not be “great” or even extremely “talented”.

    But they fight and they fight hard. And Cam Newton is a gamer. That kid is working it.

    Patriots Pride!

  17. Great coached game by Belichick , 43 yo Brady throws for 341+ yard and 3TD Could you imagine what would be if they had each other for 20 years!!

  18. kissbillsrings says:
    November 15, 2020 at 11:27 pm
    Well, the Pats just need to stay focused on the 1 game at a time mantra & stay healthy, if they do that I see them in the post season & from there, ANYTHING can happen!!!!
    Go Pats!!!!!!
    Good luck with that. If the playoffs were today, one of the 6-3 teams wouldn’t even be in.

  19. NFL (Niners Football League) says:
    November 15, 2020 at 11:29 pm

    Ravens need a QB

    Ravens need a center, who can snap the ball. Killed several drives.

  20. Bigger question of the fun game to watch because of he weather is will Bill and the Pats get the same treatment as Las Vegas and Pittsburgh as the team and coaches were fined for no mask. Bill seemed to have no mask as he and an official had words. Maybe the league will explain Bills mask is made to look like his face.

  21. Christopher Allan says:
    November 16, 2020 at 7:25 am
    kissbillsrings says:
    November 15, 2020 at 11:27 pm
    Well, the Pats just need to stay focused on the 1 game at a time mantra & stay healthy, if they do that I see them in the post season & from there, ANYTHING can happen!!!!
    Go Pats!!!!!!
    Good luck with that. If the playoffs were today, one of the 6-3 teams wouldn’t even be in.
    That’s the nice thing about football, the season doesn’t end today, it has 7 more weeks left, so 6-3 right now means basically NOTHING….& yeah, it will probably take some luck for the Pats to reach the playoffs, but I am starting to see a familiar trend develop that helped them beat the Rams in a Super Bowl not that long ago & chemistry is starting to redevelop after the teams Covid fiasco & HOPEFULLY the stay can stay healthy & get some key players back off IR as the season progresses……
    GO PATS!!!!!

  22. Good luck with that. If the playoffs were today, one of the 6-3 teams wouldn’t even be in.


    Actually, two 6-3 teams wouldnt make it. The Pats have a long climb to get into the playoffs. They’d have to pass three teams in the standings somehow, and they only go head up with 2 of the teams ahead of them, the Bills and the Dolphins. So they are going to need help from other teams. They have to hope a few of those teams start to fade.

    There is almost half a season (7 games) so theres a slim chance it could happen.

  23. Pats fan here w a couple of thoughts:
    I thought Lamar played pretty well last night and made some great throws. Lots of drops. But he should have been picked probably twice. Still, even though all the Pats fans are dissin him right now, we’d give you our first and second this year for him in a heartbeat.
    Has there been a discussion of the offsides just before the 2-minute warning last night? Had to be intentional, right? And a great idea. If they hadn’t done it, the clock would have gone to the 2 minute warning or they’d have to use their last time out. Either way, the Pats get 2 yards and the game is essentially over. By taking that penalty the clock stops and they gave themselves a minute to win the game (well, before God revealed he had the Pats money line).
    Good use of rule loopholes, Harbaugh. BB is glad to know you’ve been paying attention.

  24. Ravens need a new center. Pats offense does seem to be coming together a bit with Jakobi Meyers now having Cam’s trust. And Damien Harris looks pretty good if he can stay on the field.

  25. The Patriots receiver that threw a touchdown pass threw a better pass than any pass Jackson threw in the game.

  26. Ravens started focusing way too much on the run, they hardly pass and when they do its usually shorter routes. After a couple of years I can see Lamar’s not as good as he was that first year.

  27. Ravens are reeling with injuries right now…but I’m not ready to panic yet. I’m glad to see Lamar experience this high level of criticism, facing real adversity for the first time in his career, I want to see if he and Harbaugh can rise to the occasion.

  28. The league has figured out how to defend Jackson and forced him into the things he isn’t good at.

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