Teddy Bridgewater knocked out in fourth quarter

Getty Images

Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is getting looked at by medical personnel in Carolina.

Bridgewater took a low hit on a sack by Buccaneers edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul and immediately went to the sideline to get checked out by the medical staff.

Former XFL standout P.J. Walker replaced him in the game. His first NFL pass was caught by fullback Alex Armah, but went for a five-yard loss.

Bridgewater was 14-of-17 for 111 yards and two touchdowns in the first half, but has gone 4-of-7 for 15 yards and an interception in the second half. He did run for a three-yard touchdown, but the downturn in offensive output has the Panthers behind 39-23 with under five minutes to play.