Tua Tagovailoa talks about his NFL comfort level


Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has won his first three games as a starter, including most recently a 29-21 victory over fellow rookie Justin Herbert and the Chargers. After the game, Tua spoke for a few minutes by phone to PFT.

He said that the process of getting comfortable in the NFL happened not in games but in practice, thanks to the presence of a “good defensive scout team” that forced his development weeks before he got on the field. It’s made games a lot easier for Tua.

“I expected it to be a lot harder,” Tua said of playing in the NFL, “not that it’s not hard.”

He explained he expected to see a lot of different looks from defenses, but that it hasn’t happened yet. Of course, those looks may come, especially as defenses get more film to study regarding the things Tua can do.

Football fans have seen what Tua can do for several years, starting from the moment he took the field for Alabama in place of Jalen Hurts. Has he spoken to Alabama (and former Dolphins) coach Nick Saban since becoming the starter?

Tua said he hasn’t, that both he and Coach Saban have been busy with football season. Tua added that, given the reminder, he’ll be reaching out.

What will Tua say to Saban?

“I’ll ask him, ‘What does he think we can do better offensively?'” Tua said.

Given what the Dolphins have been doing in recent weeks, it could be a fairly short answer.

9 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa talks about his NFL comfort level

  1. He just screwed himself.

    He will probably be good and top QB most of his career, but they have no tape on him. Next season, like the Ravens, D Coordinators will be able to study him and draw up plays to beat him. Right now he is getting pretty basic blitzes and packages to look at cause they just don’t know what he does well and what he struggles with.

  2. I like this kid. He’a already got the NFL all figured out. Piece of cake to him.
    And who can argue with him. He hasn’t lost a game yet.
    Is it too early to measure hm for his gold jacket and start calling him GOAT?

  3. He has looked good so far but i’m not very impressed. A long list of qb’s have also. If he still looks good in a year from now then maybe.

  4. Tua is a once in a generation QB, after 20 years the Dolphins finally have a real QB!

    Phins up!🐬
    Mask On! 😷

  5. Tua is just what the Dolphins and Fans needed. He is humble yet confident. He is winning now because of balance. The depth players are stepping up, Special Teams is among the best in the league and the Defense is vastly improved. Tua is without a legit RB, no WR2 and no Albert Wilson in the Slot. This team needs a few WRs and RB and C/G in the upcoming Draft (they have 5 Picks in the first 3 rounds again, Thanks crappy Texans!). Lookout… they are only a half season into the rebuild. Scary…

  6. Tagovailoa has a natural ability to succeed on the football field. Also, he is humble yet competitive. The Dolphins made a wise selection when taking Tagovailoa in the first round. Of course, the Dolphins’ o-line, d-line and special teams play have made it easier for the kid from Ewa Beach Hawaii. There is a good chance to make the playoffs.

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