Andy Reid: Raiders victory lap not our style

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The Raiders beat the Chiefs for the first time since 2017 when the two teams met at Arrowhead Stadium earlier this year and the way they celebrated that win appears to have rubbed Chiefs head coach Andy Reid the wrong way.

After the Week Five win, the Raiders asked to take their team buses on a victory lap around the stadium. On Monday, Reid referenced that lap and suggested the Chiefs won’t be doing the same thing if they get a win in Las Vegas in Week 11.

“They won the game so they can do anything they want to do,” Reid said, via Adam Teicher of “That’s not our style.”

The subject came up again when Reid was asked if it is more difficult to play a team a second time in the same season. He said he didn’t, but that the Raiders might or else “they wouldn’t have driven the bus around the stadium.”

A bye week provided the Chiefs with ample rest heading into this game and it seems the bus trip might add something on the motivational side.

23 responses to “Andy Reid: Raiders victory lap not our style

  1. Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions so they do not need any extra motivation but I will say when I read about this the day after the game I knew it would back to bite the Raiders in the rear.

  2. Andy should worry about his own team, and his calorie count, and stop crying about what other teams do, or don’t do, after a win

  3. Reid is right. That’s not their style. Their style is dancing and celebrating on the field before snaps vs the Jets.

  4. Eh – The Raiders are just having a little fun in a year with little of it. Big deal – no one got hurt. I got a good laugh out of it.

  5. Reid was asked about it. He answered. No biggie. If I’m him, heck yeah this goes up on the bulletin board. That’s his job.

  6. As a Chiefs fan, I loved reading about the goofy victory lap. The Chiefs have struggled remaining ‘interested’ in games against middle-of-the-road opponents. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is bulletin board material, but it certainly stirs up motivation for a well rested and talented football team.

  7. I think the Raiders are about to experience a rude awakening when they face the Chiefs this week.

  8. The Chiefs shouldn’t need any additional motivation for this game, but it’s hard to blame the Raiders for enjoying that win. It is a rare treat.

  9. Andy needs to grasp at anything he can find to his who are on auto pilot, and if its a “victory lap”, so be it. In all reality Chiefs have been on cruise control ever since the refs/league have allowed their O-line to hold defensive linemen for entire games.

    Go Raiders!!!!

  10. the sweetest revenge would be to OWN their stadium…forever
    heres to hoping Mahomes never loses a game in Vegas…

  11. Back in the days of Marty Shottenheimer, the Raiders were pretty much the most despised team in KC and Raider week was a much bigger deal than it has been in the last few years. This makes me think that the team is trying to rekindle that fire. I’m in for it. IT”S RAIDAHHH WEEK! LEZ GO!!!

  12. Andy Reid’s teams are always very good with two weeks to prepare. As a punishment, the Raiders could be made to play the Chiefs straight after their bye…oh wait, that’s what’s happening. For the third year running!

  13. Get use to it Andy, the Raiders will have MANY more victory laps! Times have changed on the overrated Chiefs!

  14. Kelce, Hill, and the defense run their mouths all game and all week, yet Andy says a bus driving around a parking lot is not their style. The chiefs may win games, but let’s not pretend they’re classy. Character isn’t high on the qualification list to be on that roster.

  15. Times have changed on the overrated Chiefs!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Defending SB Champs with an 8-1 record. I don’t think you have a grasp on what overrated means.

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