Bill Belichick on Texans G.M. Jack Easterby: He’s “not a personnel person, no”

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Before joining the Texans in a a front office that he quickly parlayed into a much bigger one, executive V.P. of football operations and interim G.M. Jack Easterby worked for the Patriots. In a Monday conference call with Houston media in advance of the Week 11 game between the two teams, Belichick was asked about Easterby, whose rise through the ranks has left fans and observers in Houston and beyond curious and/or dubious.

“Jack did a great job for us,” Belichick said. “His role was a varied one. He worked with a lot of different aspects of the organization — players, coaches, support people, so forth. He was a person who could connect well with everybody, from the owner of the team to the equipment manager or equipment guy that picks up towels and all the people in between. He was a very valuable person in this organization in the time he was here.”

So did Belichick ever think Easterby would pursue a job involving football personnel decisions?

“Jack’s not a personnel person, no,” Belichick said.

Some regard the remark as a bodyslam of Easterby, but it’s not. It’s a statement of cold, hard, undeniable fact. It seems like shade only because Easterby has, with the imprimatur of owner Cal McNair, strayed so far from Easterby’s skillset.

It also seems like shade because few have called Easterby out, despite multiple examples of potential biographical embellishment, from the overstatement of his experiences with Jacksonville in 2004 (the online bio was conspicuously changed, and the Texans did not provide accurate information to PFT about the timing of the change when asked about it earlier this season) to whether he actually worked for the Chiefs (he never did) to the notion that he was entrusted with over 50 coaching searches at various colleges (an impressive accomplishment given that he graduated college in 2005).

Ultimately, McNair can do whatever he wants to do. Those outside the organization, in turn, can say whatever they want to say regarding the possibility that the person who has finagled some a major title (and surely a sizable salary) with the Houston Texans actually deserves the job, especially in light of the sheer volume of people employed in lesser roles with other teams, people who clearly have more qualifications and better actual credentials than Easterby.

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  1. It’s not just qualifications and credentials–you can still make good decisions and be a good GM without those! But the Texans clearly aren’t even doing that much!

  2. This guy is a used car salesman coat tail rider and good on BB for calling it out.

    O’Brien must regret bringing him on for a promotion and job, but this
    public slap from BB will be the end of Easterby in the NFL.

    Houston would be wise to walk from this creep immediately.

  3. Anyone who has a real football body of background need to apply at corporate office of the Huston Texans. They desperately need Football people with the appropriate football skillsets in various positions in management.

  4. They need a clean slate. Easterby can go back and work on his resume. New GM hires a new HC…

  5. I dont recall anyone or himself saying that Easterby is looking to be a GM. He is the operations director.

  6. When Steelers, Raiders, and Patriot fans all smile at the same time, AB probably messed up again…

  7. Whatever you’re doing Houston, keep it up… #signed by all Dolphins fans everywhere. 🐬

  8. Texans have to be the worse team to be a fan of. They have a QB but a horrible owner and no draft picks.

  9. HagemeisterPark says:
    November 16, 2020 at 7:38 pm
    I dont recall anyone or himself saying that Easterby is looking to be a GM. He is the operations director.

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    He was fancying himself a GM before that job. The point is, he is not qualified for either role, beyond what his role was in NE.

    Houston has a serious problem with its current infrastructure.

  10. This reflects on ownership. Not all owners are all in on winning football games. Players can sense that, and want out.

  11. Eaterybe to his credit,knows how to sell himself…place the blame on stupid owners who are buying his questionable skills,and are NOW paying for his incompetence. Not his fault guy just believes in himself.

  12. Seems like Easterby has talent to connect everyone and keep the machine running smoothly. The statement by BB that he is not a personnel guy was a real slap no matter how you try to spin it or lipstick it up.

  13. The Texans are making a lot of poor choices right now. Not sure Easterby is the right choice for GM. Talking about keeping Crennel as HC, big mistake, his last gig as HC in KC proves that. Go get a winning OC. EB from KC is a great choice. As a Chiefs fan I would hate to see him go, but he deserves a chance and I think he could make Watson better than good. Romeo is a defensive coach, won’t get much more out of DW than what we have seen. Are the Texans the next “Factory of Sadness?” O’Brien messed them up.

  14. Rare to see a franchise QB with zero support around him. Those O’Brien trades were awful even at the time.

  15. My God, is BB speaking in multiple sentences to the media? I guess he is acting nice so there is a job waiting for him ar the end of the line

  16. This PC culture is going to, literally, kill us.

    Has it occurred to Mr. Florio that what BB was replying to was whether Mr. Easterby had a personnel role at the Pats?!

    Major shade indeed…”Jack did a great job for us…He was a very valuable person in this organization in the time he was here.”


  17. There are a lot of people in all occupations that are vastly under qualified for their positions. Including our illustrious media.

  18. He embellished a handful of entry level jobs and the Texans just believed everything he told them without verifying anything. It’s like some story from the Wild West where you could just arrive in some small town and your word was all there was to go on because it was difficult to impossible to actually check anything out.

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