Buccaneers are aware of October 15 incident involving Antonio Brown

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After the Buccaneers signed receiver Antonio Brown, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan said regarding a then-looming Week Nine game against Brown and the Buccaneers, “First he has to make it Week Nine.”

Now, Brown has to make it to Week 11.

David Ovalle of the Miami Herald reports that, on October 15, Brown allegedly destroyed a surveillance camera and threw his bicycle at a security-guard shack in his Hollywood, Florida gated community. Police determined that probable cause existed to charge Brown with misdemeanor criminal mischief, but the president of the homeowners’ association declined to press charges. According to the police report, she was concerned that Brown “may retaliate against her employees.”

Brown signed with the Buccaneers roughly two weeks later.

“We are aware of the reported incident involving Antonio Brown prior to his signing,” the Buccaneers said in a statement issued to PFT. “When Antonio joined us, we were clear about what we expected and required of him. Thus far, he has met all the expectations we have in place.”

This strongly implies that no action will be taken by the team. It remains to be seen whether the team asked Brown if there were any other incidents about which they didn’t know before signing him, whether he told them about this incident, or whether he concealed it, if asked.

The NFL separately said it is aware of the incident, but the league declined comment. Brown’s status as a repeat offender under the Personal Conduct Policy could prompt further action to be taken. He recently served an eight-game suspension for multiple prior violations.

Then there’s the fact that Brown remains on probation for felony charges arising from a January dispute with the driver of a moving truck. The authorities could attempt to revoke his probation and put him behind bars if this incident reflects a failure to comply with the clear and plain terms of the arrangement that allows someone who otherwise would be in prison to not be in prison.

A spokesperson for Brown did not deny the allegations, telling Ovalle merely that she has been “assisting Mr. Brown for several months to resolve certain minor disputes with the housing authority.”

It remains to be seen whether this minor dispute becomes a major problem for Brown. For now, it appears that the team won’t be cutting or otherwise punishing him for it. The league, and the authorities, may take a different approach.

44 responses to “Buccaneers are aware of October 15 incident involving Antonio Brown

  1. This was October 15th. Not some distant thing. A new thing. Anyone who expects him to behave like a functioning adult has set the bar far too high.

  2. No idea as to how he didn’t spend 6 months to a year in jail for that mover incident. People go to the bing for unpaid parking tickets. Not this guy. Tosses furniture off of a balcony and nearly smashes a kid, slaps his baby mama around, steals a truck and beats on a mover. Felony probation lol. Me? I’m in the paper and in county or state for 180 hahaha

  3. Wow. I’m on probation, myself, and there is no way an incident like that would get swept under the rug by my PO or employer in a million years. That’s nuts

  4. Watched the Bucs/Panthers game and it was pretty obvious that Brown and Gronk were Brady’s go to guys. This thing has serious epic collapse potential.

  5. If he wants to stay in the league, the NFL and Tampa should make him get some form of counseling. Everybody can see the steam, so now’s the time find out what’s boiling the water.

  6. You’ve heard them say it over and over…

    … so… I’ll say it for them…

    … ONCE a steeler… ALWAYS a steeler.

  7. If this was a normal person he would be in jail for a minimum of 2 to 3 years with all these felony charges adding up. I’m not saying I want that to happen and I believe in second chances but man…grow the hell up before its too late

  8. As if we needed further evidence that if you can catch or run with a football, there is no limit to how many chances you get.

  9. This just goes to show you and prove that character doesn’t mean jack squat for Tampa.A
    They are playing to win it all right now, not next season.. NOW
    Problem is that is not going to happen. Team is not strong enough as a “team” it is a bunch of extremely talented players, but not a “team” and that will be their achilles heel.

  10. Gonna get kinda awkward in the Brady house if AB gets cut.

    “So, uh, Antonio, yeah, I thought we agreed last week you were moving out…”

  11. Get him outta here. AB lost focus on what a team player really means. Ask Claypool and JUJU….. AB.

  12. Nfl not a good roll model…it showes it with all the criminals in the league getting multiple chance…

  13. I’ve said this before, the hit in the head he took from Vontaze Burfict did serious damage.
    We can joke about Antonio Browns immaturity, but I think he is mentally ill.
    He suffered brain damage from multiple hits to the head and is sufferting from CTE.

  14. “He suffered brain damage from multiple hits to the head and is suffering from CTE.”

    Not an excuse.

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