Dolphins waive Jordan Howard

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Running back Jordan Howard began his NFL career in Chicago with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. Four years after a solid rookie season, he’s hitting the waiver wire.

The Dolphins have released Howard. He’ll pass through waivers, since the move comes after the trade deadline.

Howard signed in the offseason a two-year, $9.75 million contract with the Dolphins, including $4.75 million guaranteed.

After three seasons in Chicago, the Bears traded Howard to the Eagles in 2019, for a sixth-round draft pick. The Eagles didn’t re-sign Howard.

Howard had 28 carries for 33 yards this season in Miami. On Sunday against the Chargers, he was inactive.

With a salary of $1.75 million in 2020, he has $720,000 remaining to be paid. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will claim that contract on waivers, given his overall performance this season.

15 responses to “Dolphins waive Jordan Howard

  1. Dude is a solid RB.. Our team just plays better with smaller backs.. Kalen Ballage didn’t last either, now he’s making an impact with LAC.. Howard will land on his feet.. It’s his 6th season!

  2. In three games as a starter, Tua literally has more yards rushing (15 times for 34 yards) and better yards per attempt (2.3) than Jordan Howard (28 for 33; 1.2). Ugh. What a misfire — on a team starved for running backs.

  3. Wow, why can’t a team utilize his skill set? I’m literally shocked. Maybe a downhill team like Baltimore could use him for extra depth?

  4. He always looks like he is running in quick sand . Very sluggish. Maybe better behind a better oline.

  5. He’s not the same player since his serious stinger injury, in Philadelphia last year, that knocked him out for weeks.

  6. If you can’t carve out a spot, any kind of a spot, as a running back on this team you have a problem. Power back, speed back, call it what you want this guy was a mistake. Flores and Grier and smart to part ways with him.

  7. Sometimes you miss on picks, both draft, & free agents. Obvious miss. But then you find gems like Ahmed, who looks like he’s making the most of his chances.

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