Joe Judge: NFC East standings are irrelevant


The Giants beat the Eagles 27-17 on Sunday to improve to 3-7 as they head into their bye week.

That’s not normally a record that has teams in playoff contention, but the 2020 NFC East race is hardly a normal one. The Eagles are in first place at 3-5-1 and neither Washington nor Dallas have three wins on the season, so the Giants are positioned to make a run at winning the division.

It’s not something that head coach Joe Judge will be emphasizing when he speaks with the team in the coming days.

“I have not, and I’ll tell everyone right now, it’s irrelevant,” Judge said in his postgame press conference. “The only thing that matters is we keep improving as a team and go 1-0 every week. The overall standings, we’re not going to look at those, we’re not going to focus on those; that’s not an emphasis in our organization. We’ve got to keep improving as a team to give ourselves a chance to be the best program we can be.”

The Giants have been solid on defense for most of the season, but a mistake-prone offense routinely sandbagged their chances of winning in the first half. They’ve avoided turnovers the last two weeks while running for 317 yards in a pair of wins, which makes for a pretty good blueprint to follow once they get back on the field in Week 12.

14 responses to “Joe Judge: NFC East standings are irrelevant

  1. Whatever happens with Dave Gettleman after the season… Judge and his coaching staff deserve to continue to coach this team. He’s creating a winning culture, and is managing a good game. The staff he’s put together has been really solid as well.

  2. Any coach that says “we don’t look at the standings” is just lying. Why even go through that charade?

    You could easily say something like…”We expected this year to be one to lay the foundation of future success. But obviously due to the situation of the NFC East this year, we have a chance to win it. And we’d like to do that.”

  3. giants fan here….joe judge has been better than i even hoped, this guy is a hell of a coach doing what he is doing with the pieces he has….the team has improved in all areas every week except for the qb and now all of a sudden he’s even inproving, 2 straight games without a turnover, mind blown…we prob not winning the east this year but we sure as hell will win a few while this man is at the helm

  4. Judge is right. The standings in the AFC East are irrelevant. And in the NFL, so is the entire NFC East! Fixed it for you Joe!

  5. wentz went 5-6 in 2018 nick foles took over same roster and made a playoff run with same team that was awful with wentz Carson wentz is poison and makes everyone worse players hate him he has no heart and no desire to win foles won with same team look at 2018 as proof

  6. Really the big question here is: Will they remain committed to Jones when the draft rolls around and, say, someone like Kyle Trask is starring at them?

  7. The guy who deserves the credit is Garrett. His cowboys revenge tour might actually work out for us. Go Giants!

  8. The standings may be irrelevant, but is sure is sweet seeing what once was America’s team in last place.

  9. Why would anyone want to win the NFC East? Its gonna cost whoever claims that home playoff loss like 15 drafts spots!!

  10. ringheadcrusher says:
    November 16, 2020 at 11:10 am
    Really the big question here is: Will they remain committed to Jones when the draft rolls around and, say, someone like Kyle Trask is starring at them?
    Good Comment.

    Here is my take:

    Jones ha played two games in a row to change the narrative a little bit about how awful he was in the first 8.

    He has 6 more games left to show that drafting a first round QB is not necessary and that he is a good player.

    It would be great if that first round pick could be used on a Pass Rusher, Corner or Linebacker.

    We will see.

    If Jones makes it a moot point, it means we did well in the final 6 games.

  11. I am a lifelong GIANTS fan.

    The GIANTS are 3-7, Judge is right, the standings for them, right now are irrelevant.

    10 games played, three victories.

    The GIANTS just need to look at what is RIGHT in front of them.

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