Lamar Jackson: We’re ticked off

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When Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson said last week that opposing defenses were calling out the team’s offensive plays, he said the team’s offensive struggles were “all right” because the team was still winning.

The winning did not continue on a wet Sunday night in New England. The 23-17 loss to the Patriots marked the first time that the Ravens were held to under 20 points since Jackson took over as their starting quarterback and Jackson shared his frustration with the outing after the game.

“We’re ticked off. Don’t nobody like losing,” Jackson said at his postgame press conference. “I know none of you guys like losing. Especially we got a lot of talent on our team. Just got to regroup. Tuesday go watch film on our opponents, Tennessee, and go from there.”

Jackson said offensive coordinator Greg Roman did “a great job” calling plays and that it was on the players to do a better job of finishing on the field. With the Titans and Steelers on deck, they’ll need to turn that around quickly to remain in playoff position in the AFC.

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  1. Its not because other teams are calling out their plays its because lamar is way overrated and is a terrible passer. Hes an athlete that plays qb instead of an actual qb.

  2. Neutralized in the rain with a game plan of not letting Lamar run wild and challenging him to win it with his arm. Plus, running all over that defense with no turnovers.

    Anytime there’s rain/snow/wind and I have Belichick on my side, I’ll take my chances with the Patriots. Great bad weather team with Brady, and it proved to be an advantage last night. Newton did what he had to do.

  3. So would I be. Losing to this seasons Patriots is like losing to the 2020 Jets or old Browns.

  4. Lamar Jackson looked pretty bad out there. He hasn’t looked great all season. It’s looking like Lamar doesn’t have to worry about going 1 and out in the playoffs as they appear they could miss them altogether.

  5. Imagine how ticked off are the people who wagered on you. That Patriots offense is anemic and one dimensional and rolled on your team. Let alone the week before the Jets put up 27 on that defense that owned you.

  6. Once again the recipe for beating the “MVP” has been shown. Make him pass to beat you. If your defense is better than average, he won’t.

  7. Keys to the Ravens loss.
    1. Brandon Williams injury (couldn’t stop the run without him).
    2. Skura with multiple bad snaps (especially late in the game when we were driving). He single handedly cost us the game.
    3. Lamar still needs to prove he can throw it outside the numbers without putting it in the defender’s hands. This is his biggest weakness.
    Injuries are mounting up in a hurry for the Ravens – Stanley, Campbell, Williams, Boyle. Without key players it’s hard to win.

  8. The Ravens were one of the most fortunate teams in the history of the NFL last season in terms of lack of injuries to starters (O or D). To my memory they lost almost 0 games to starters being out with injury, it was incredible how fortunate they were.

    Even this year the Ravens are on the plus side of the injury curve in the NFL but even with this minimal amount of injuries in 2020 we’re seeing the effects on the team, compared to last year’s incredible good fortune.

    Don’t read that wrong, the Ravens are an extremely well coached (management all around from owner to GM, etc) team and one with a good amount of talent but they’re way over rated compared to last year if nothing else because of the injuries issue.

    Every year there’s usually a team where everything goes right…in the 2019 season it was the Ravens with good fortune…always take the under on those teams in the subsequent season.

  9. Funny to see Ravens fans continue to make excuses for Jackson & injuries. It will be even funnier when they offer $100+ Mill to a run-option QB.

  10. The Titans showed everyone how to beat the Ravens. As another poster said, make him throw the ball. He’s a terrible passer. He was outplayed by Cam Newton last night. At least he didn’t cost his team the game like Lamar did. He can’t read defenses. He’s a one-read guy and if that guy isn’t open he takes off running. Teams know that and unless your defense is as terrible as his passing ability, that’s all she wrote. Sure, they have six wins (Browns, Texans, Washington, Bengals, Eagles, and Colts) but that isn’t exactly all that impressive. They’ll rack up more wins because of their schedule but even if they make the playoffs they’ll be one and done.

  11. @itsamadmadmadmadworld, you are so completely off base in your assessment of Lamar being a one-read guy. In fact, last night during the game they even explained AND SHOWED how he is looking for his 2nd, 3rd option etc.
    The actual problem is two-fold. Receivers aren’t creating separation. 2. Lamar doesn’t have a pocket to work with.

  12. Our team is injury ridden. However, if we can’t stop an HB dive play over and over again, that’s a problem.

  13. Let’s remember he’s still young and learning. The goal with Lamar has to be that he develops into a guy who can beat you throwing and then be able to run for 1st downs when he has to. Kind of like Russell Wilson.

    He may never become the passing equivalent of Wilson but very few are.

  14. txdr says:
    November 16, 2020 at 9:26 am
    The Ravens were one of the most fortunate teams in the history of the NFL last season in terms of lack of injuries to starters (O or D). To my memory they lost almost 0 games to starters being out with injury, it was incredible how fortunate they were.


    This is completely not true. They were, ironically, first in the league in injury luck on offense last year, and dead last on defense, per Sheil Kapadia of the Athletic. Multiple games and/or season missed to starters like: Tavon Young, Brandon Williams, Patrick Onwuasor, Jimmy Smith, Tony Jefferson, Pernell McPhee (just off the top of my head).

  15. What is it with Ravens fans refusing to acknowledge maybe Lamar isn’t a great QB? You did him a major disservice last year, and continue to do so now, by continually making excuses for him when he plays poorly and costs you games, yet give him all the MVP love and adulation if he has a good game.
    He has been terrible this year. Stop making excuses. He’s going backwards, not forwards, in year 3. That is not good. Your offense rivals only the Jets. That is really not good. The QB is the captain of that ship. Enough said.

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