Lions won’t have fans present for Thanksgiving


As the pandemic reaches unprecedented levels, some sports teams are somehow welcoming more fans for games. The Lions will be going in the other direction.

Via Chris Thomas of the Detroit Free Press, an emergency order issued Sunday by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer prevents the Lions from having fans present on Thanksgiving, when the Lions host the Texans.

“No attendance will mean no attendance,” Michigan Department of Health & Human Services director Robert Gordon said Sunday at a press conference.

The Lions had been permitted to have 500 family members and friends attend the last two home games, including Sunday’s 30-27 win over Washington.

The pandemic, if you haven’t noticed, has spiked dramatically in recent days, with record infections, hospitalizations, and deaths on a daily basis. All indications are that it will continues to get worse through the end of the year and into 2021.

7 responses to “Lions won’t have fans present for Thanksgiving

  1. LOL…as a long time suffering Lions fan, sometimes you read a headline and I’m almost positive it’s to get the best possible comments going….LOL

  2. Is this a hard decision even when there isn’t a pandemic? Stay home, have a few beers and eat Thanksgiving leftovers on the sofa while watching the game on TV vs. blow tons of cash to drive to the game, fight traffic, and sit in a stadium while the rest of your family/friends are at home hanging on a holiday.

    If nothing else, 2020’s highlighted the degree to which many people in American society today are self-centered, petulant infants who whine and pout when things are taken away because they lack the commonsense or will power to behave properly. People will inevitably complain about there being no fans at this game, even when most of the people whining wouldn’t have gone anyhow.

  3. Well, luckily the WFT/Cowboys game starts right after I finish eating. I’ll let the tryptophan do its thing and will nap through that snooze fest and wake up refreshed and ready to watch a good football game when the Ravens and Steelers meet.

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